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  1. L O S T - A complete tracklist of the 121 episodes' score composed by M. Giacchino
  2. "The Rescue" coming from Intrada!
  3. Your Favorite Actor And Actress That Have Already Passed On
  4. Walter White's meth created "The Walking Dead"?
  6. How I Met Your Mother Original OST
  7. I hate it when.....
  8. And the Yellow King is . . . (The True Detective finale)
  9. Samurai Jack: The Birth of Evil in IMAX? (Just an idea of mine!)
  10. Watch Non Stop Online Stream
  11. What are your favourite science fiction tv shows?
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy First Trailer!
  13. Holy shit! TWIN PEAKS and David Lynch is back!
  14. Epic Movie (The Type of Cinema, not the 2007 Movie)
  15. Song used in Resident Evil (2002) Movie
  16. Cryptic Movies: What happened?
  17. Monty Python's Previous Record
  18. The Differences Between the Two Tron Movies
  19. Double Wheel of Fortune discussion thread please read
  20. The Avengers: Age of Ultron
  21. New RoboCop Trailer
  22. Help! Look for The Lottery Changed My Life
  23. 300 And WATCHMEN Composer Tyler Bates To Score GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
  24. Ben Affleck cast as Batman
  25. Revenge
  26. Once Upon A Time
  27. Once Upon A Time In neverland
  28. Arroiw
  29. Revolution
  30. Falling Skies
  31. What current TV shows do you follow regularly?
  32. Does anyone here have these film fanedits?
  33. Movie characters from A-Z
  34. TV characters from A-Z
  35. TV Channels/stations A-Z
  36. What was the last wrestling match/event you saw?
  37. Best movie opening/ending themes
  38. Best TV opening/ending themes
  39. Best TV openings/endings
  40. Best movie opening/ending scenes
  41. Girl Meets World
  42. TV shows you can't wait to see return
  43. Upcoming films you're anticipating
  44. Movies you'd recommend that others watch
  45. List upcoming DVD/Blu Ray releases that has you excited
  46. NBC's "Hannibal" season 1 (Spoilers)
  47. Does anyone happen to have an old pirated copy of HP and the Goblet of Fire?
  48. Rutger Hauer Actor Tribute
  49. AWESOME INTERVIEW for even the most casual Taker fan
  50. Watch This Is The End Movie Online
  51. Drive, 1995
  52. Real Stories of The Highway Patrol chat thread
  53. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  54. Any lyric from a song that hold any meaning for you?
  55. What is the name of this song?
  56. New star wars cartton "rebels"
  57. Parts of movies that made you say, "What the...?"
  58. Best and worst trailers of all time?
  59. What's the movie You Watched (And which currently?)
  60. When you do get emotional during a TV show or movie?
  61. Movie characters you hate
  62. TV characters you hate
  63. Favorite TV characters
  64. Memorable movie quotes
  65. : Memorable TV quotes
  66. 24 revival, cancellation of Touch
  67. 666 Park Avenue
  68. Revenge
  69. Once Upon A Time
  70. Revolution
  71. Arrow
  72. Bates Motel
  73. From A-Z, characters along with the actors/actresses who portray them
  74. Space Oddity: Sung by Astronaut in International Space Station
  75. Best movie/TV show scenes
  76. Best movie endings
  77. Retelecast of friends
  78. Worst/Most Disappointing Movie Endings
  79. Ender's Game
  80. Least Expensive Movies/TV Shows You've Purchased
  81. Most Expensive Movies/TV Shows You've Purchased
  82. Movies you regret watching?
  83. What shows and/or movies hold nostalgic value for you?
  84. Man of Steel: Trailer #3
  85. Samurai Jack: The Birth of Evil (2003) 10th Anniversary Thread
  86. New Film Score Tumblr (Please Don't Yell at Me)
  87. The Walking Dead
  88. Timbox's Genndy Tartakovsky Action Tribute and Dexter's Lab/Samurai Jack Fan Reel
  89. what upcoming DVD or blu ray releases are you most looking forward to.....
  90. The Changes In Star Wars
  91. The Star Wars Revised Project
  92. What was the last thing you saw on a TV show or a movie that made you happy?
  93. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome Coming to Blu Ray
  94. Your chance to be in a new Trek Film!
  95. TV shows that lived up to or exceeded your expectations in a good or bad way
  96. scarface (al pacino one) television network broadcast version in full?
  97. What's your favorite Morricone score ?
  98. Of all the movies you've seen, what are your favorite scenes? Why?
  99. What movies/tv shows do you watch repeatedly?
  100. Moves that lived up to or exceeded your expectations in a good way
  101. Most Disappointing Films
  102. Your Favorite and Least Favorite Movies
  103. Post your wrestling collection
  104. Favorite Family Guy Moments
  105. What TV shows deserve an OST containing every single second of music heard?
  106. What films/tv shows would you like to own?
  107. Gervais' Derk
  108. The Terminator Resmastered Edition - change of gun sounds
  109. Post Your TV Show collection
  110. Post Your Movie Collection!
  111. A TV Series idea of mine called "The Princess of Shangara"
  112. JJ Abrams making new Star Wars
  113. Last TV show you saw
  115. Favorite Monster Movies
  116. TV Shows from A-Z
  117. Jurassic Park 4 Gets a Release Date.
  118. If you guys want to see Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack screenshots and fan musings...
  119. Movies/TV Shows that should get full/expanded music releases
  120. TV sows that haven't gotten season boxed sets yet, but should
  121. Producer credit on Movie/IMDB for new psychological thriller 'Dead-Letter Mail'
  122. Best Looking "The Terminator" Blu-Ray To Date
  123. Which show(s) would you like to see on TV as re-runs? Why?
  124. What prequels would you be intrigued enough to pay to see?
  125. What movies should've had a sequel? What movies didn't?
  126. What movies deserve to be on Blu Ray, which aren't yet?
  127. What shows deserve to be on DVD, but aren't yet?
  128. What TV Shows, movies and events should get the definitive blu ray treatment?
  129. What series could make a good prequel/non prequel movie?
  130. What series from comics, a game or a movie could be successful?
  131. Best and Worst movie trailers of ALL time
  132. Shows that deserve proper ending?
  133. Complete Series of Zyuranger w/ English Subs?
  134. What show were you sad to see end?
  135. What show are you sad to have read that it's going to end?
  136. What show are you looking to returning from Winter hiatus?
  137. What new TV show are you most looking forward to?
  138. WORST song you EVER, EVER heard?
  139. Favorite TV show right now? Why?
  140. Favorite wrestler (and why)r and thoughts on Taker and Sting
  141. Favorite era in WWF and WWE era and why?
  142. Fatal Attraction Complete Score
  143. Fatal Attraction different score??
  144. The Last Samurai (2003)
  145. Star Wars Episode VII... wait... WHAT?!?!?!
  146. What are some of the best or greatest character animation ever done?
  147. One of the most emotionally touching images of creator-driven TV animation
  148. My idea for a proposed Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel/continuation idea
  149. ARROW (CW) Discussion Thread (Maybe spoilers)
  150. ‘The Flight of Dragons’ to be adapted into a live action film
  151. Who's this young cartoon boy?
  152. DVD / Blu Ray Special Features
  153. Phil Tippett's Prehistoric Beast (1983-1985)
  154. James Bond...Actors who have portrayed him and their respective ages.
  155. I knew it! Jamie Chung's gonna be Mulan in Once Upon a Time Season 2 on ABC!
  156. Remakes/Reboots/Spin-offs
  157. The most powerful opening scene in animated movies
  158. Your Fav Films of 70's 80's 90's
  159. Old movies in cinemas again?
  160. Is Samurai Jack really one of the most anticipated/long-awaited movies of all time?
  161. What is/are your favorite Movie/TV character(s)?
  162. 2012 London Summer Olympics
  163. Star Wars Ultimate Timeline
  164. The Real Main Reason Why I Like James Cameron's AVATAR So Much
  165. 'The Walking Dead' - Three Things that Need Fixing
  166. A ffshrine version for movies?
  167. Man Of Steel Teaser using "Journey To The Line" by Zimmer
  168. The Dark Knight Rises - Early Reviews are In
  169. Starship Troopers Reboot: Less Violence, More CGI
  170. Disney's Wreck-It Ralph
  171. I just watched 2 weird, yet satisfying movies.
  172. Ravenous Score
  173. Sinners and Saints
  174. Prometheus Discussion Theories and Spoilers !!
  175. Top 10 Favorite Film Antagonists
  177. any Castle fans?
  179. The best comedy movie?
  180. Angst (1983)
  181. Dr Who's new companion
  182. John Carter I had high hopes..
  183. MEDIA STUDY: How did they film this?
  184. A Little help?
  185. Cartoons you don't like or hate, but you just couldn't get into it?
  186. Whoops Apocalypse - The 6 part TV series
  187. Recent movies with soundtracks/scores that don't work for the movie.
  188. Do any of the Star Wars novels tell stories of the Great Sith War?
  189. Underworld Series Vs. The Twilight Saga
  190. What was last movie you watched?
  191. Jumpin' Jack Flash by Thomas Newman
  192. Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
  193. Terminator: Rematch - New Short Film
  195. Favorite Movie of 2011
  196. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows
  198. STAR WARS....When Will The "WARS" Re-Releases Finally End?
  199. Prometheus
  200. Japanese comercials that make you laugh
  201. Interview tips please?
  202. Favorite Simpsons Moment
  203. A Tribute to Bhupen Hazarika!
  204. Transformers - Dark of The Moon THE SCORE (Steve Jablonsky)
  205. Score composer of The Avengers 2012??
  206. The Walking Dead
  207. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  208. Movies Similar to Kane & Lynch series
  209. Mortal Kombat Reboot Now Official
  210. The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) - Alleged Soundtrack Tracklist - VA
  211. rec 3, for 2012. THANK YOU SPAIN!
  212. BEST Film Score to WORST Movie...(POLL)
  214. New Blade Runner Film
  215. Halo: Reach Birth of a Spartan
  216. So the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer...
  217. Full Screen DVD's
  218. Letter Y on Mai Valentines chest
  220. What is your ALL-TIME favorite movie?
  221. Cartoon Screenshots
  222. Timbox's Dexter's Laboratory Video Quiz
  223. Weeds season 7 premiere
  224. Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Bluray
  225. Power Rangers
  226. "Green Lantern" falls short at box office
  227. Samantha Who
  228. Today is a glorious day!
  229. Green Lantern Score previews up on Amazon
  230. Best Score/ Worst Movie?
  231. Check out this car chase sequence I re-scored.
  232. Can you help me with this? (Regarding scenes)
  233. Phil Tippett's Prelude to his Work on Jurassic Park...PREHISTORIC BEAST!!!
  234. Rise of the Planet of the Pox
  235. Live Action Guys with Digital Heads!
  236. Falling Skies
  237. Medival/Fantasy TV serials?
  238. love honour and obey
  239. love honour and obey
  240. Friend Wars: Prologue
  241. Airwolf Themes - 2CD TV Soundtrack
  242. Song from lotr trailer
  243. Sucker Punch
  244. Secret Diary Of A Call Girl - Video Included
  245. Best European erotic movies, need help!
  246. Have you seen the movie "Love & Other Drugs"?
  247. Game of Thrones
  248. Avatar The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra
  249. so I'm sitting here, watching Attack of The Show, like every day...
  250. Red Riding Hood