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  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 - "The Hanging Tree"
  2. **THIS JUST IN** Hans Zimmer to Score Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie
  3. Why Do Labels Re-issue Soundtracks
  4. help translating
  5. Music Player Recommendation
  6. Into The Woods
  7. Atelier Iris UNKNOWN SONG - Trailer song?
  8. John Carpenter's LOST THEMES due out Feb 3.
  9. What I did with 20 years of collecting Video Game Music
  10. Music from Ys ?
  11. Requesting review of my music
  12. New SNES Kirby album- "Another Day in Dream Land"
  13. Akame ga Kill Soundtrack
  14. kingdom hearts 2 fm+; RE COM; BBS FM audio dumping
  15. October Stuff
  16. Score Identification Needed
  17. What If These Composers Did These Movies?
  18. THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE- Original Soundtrack Release Date!
  19. First Listen: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, 'Gone Girl (Motion Picture Soundtrack)'
  20. how to rip PSX audio/music?
  21. Looking for an old Anime OST from anime called Tongari Boshi No Memoru
  22. Buying Video Game Soundtrack CDs?
  23. Tokyo Ghoul Original Soundtrack cancelled?
  24. Help with some terminology!
  25. Henry Jackman to return for Captain America 3 soundtrack
  26. Help to identify some music!
  27. Soundtracks In Chronological Order
  28. HiFi headphone recommendations for video game OSTs?
  29. Safe Website to buy Japanese Anime CDs?
  30. Which media player do you use/ recommend?
  31. Jet Set Radio 3 Soundtrack Ideas
  32. Anyone know what influenced Zimmer's Dark Knight' Vespertilio and other unique effec
  33. List of Video Games that have Official Soundtracks
  34. What scores are we looking forward to in the last half of 2014?
  35. Is Bluelaguna down?
  36. Saddest Game & Anime Music
  37. Anyone have the Suleputer Trial Promo music?
  38. Final Fantasy Orchestration - FREE MP3s
  39. Search name of some games [music]
  40. Emperor Movie Soundtrack Request
  41. Vegeta's Upload Announcements For Subscribers
  42. New Lalo Schifrin info
  43. Proper Rareware Soundtracks Upcoming (Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64)
  44. Help converting from .AT3 to MP3
  46. How to Train your Dragon 2 Soundtrack (5 NEW TRACKS!!)
  47. Trying to rip Redbook audio from Dreamcast games
  48. Post random video game, anime OST (remixes or arrangements are welcome too)
  49. psf decoder, sound interpolation?
  50. Megaman 5 - Waveman - Guitar Interpretation
  51. Help identifying this trailer track?
  52. Joe Hisaichi Tab
  53. The Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings going out of press?
  54. Not a download but might be of interest to anyone in UK/Ireland
  55. Help ripping Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?
  56. Z/X Ignition Soundtrack?
  57. Looking to buy Neo-Tokyo Neo Tokyo Manie-Manie Meikyu Monogatari Laserdisc need help
  58. A strange(?) request.
  59. Dark Souls II MP3 CD...
  60. Ripping Music from a PS1 Iso
  61. Help me find music :)
  62. Sonicesque Vol. IV!
  63. Brian Tyler to score Avengers 2?
  64. Mini2sf to 2sf
  65. Vintage Fanfare style music
  66. Who's the composer for MHP3rd and MH4?
  67. SpougeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom Music Problems
  68. looking for pete n tillie score
  69. Get Video Games Music into the Classic FM Hall of Fame
  70. Lots of video game soundtracks for sale!
  71. Guess the Video Game Music Quiz
  72. Anyone know where I can order the Ninja Gaiden Soundtrack
  73. Witness 1985 score
  74. Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Music (NOT Morrowind)
  75. What are the best soundtrack for 2013?
  76. How exactly does game/movie soundtrack composing work?
  77. A Better List of Final Fantasy Soundtracks
  78. About this "Kenny Nortwhick"
  79. Man of Steel Soundtrack
  80. Question about game ost extension
  81. Unknown Track from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  82. Yakuza 4 Background Music Identification
  83. Crusader of Centy/Soleil official Soundtrack?
  84. Looking for Future War 198x movie, ost, poster
  85. Ripping Wii U Game disk Music
  86. Any advice for listening to Dragon Quest soundtracks? Avoid senseless repetition?
  87. Looking for a score...
  88. Tomba! Soundtrack (Playstation 1, aka Tombi) - PSF Re-Rip needed *PLEASE HELP*
  89. My VGM metal covers
  90. "Ring a Bell" cover by 11 yr old (Tales of Vesperia song)
  91. Cannot figure out a way to play/convert Atrac3 files.
  92. Nature Tracks
  93. Call Of DUty Ghosts composer.
  94. Star Trek TOS sinister music
  95. How TO add custom covers to a thread
  96. Killzone: Shadow Fall - Tyler Bates & Lorne Balfe
  97. Can anyone help me identify the Zelda song used in this beat?
  98. Comparison: Wide Awake by Brian Tyler & Another Lesson From Mandarin by Brian Tyler
  99. EAC shuts pc down while ripping ...
  100. Looking for "This Will Be the Day (James Landino Remix) "
  101. Countdown Music?
  102. Grand Theft Auto 5 Song help...
  103. Captain America: The Winter Soldier teases ScoreHenry Jackman
  104. Seeking Classic Doctor Who Sheet Music
  105. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - ost missing music?
  106. Need help playing/converting Playstation 1 music files with "GENH" extention
  107. Game Music For Android Devices
  108. Captain America: The Winter Soldier "MAIN THEME" by Henry Jackman
  109. EVIL DEAD Director Fede Alvarez To Helm DANTE'S INFERNO Adaptation
  110. Running into problems when trying to rip PSX music
  111. The Great Hans Zimmer Debate
  112. No RIDDICK Original Soundtrack by Graeme Revell
  113. Kickstarter: Video Games Live - Level 3
  114. VGM: How Many Loops?
  115. What Instrument(s)...?
  116. Monsters, Inc. PS2 Music Rip Help!
  117. Question about True Blood scores not released
  118. Question: how to extract voices only from episodes of DBZ
  119. Final Fantasy - final boss music
  120. Skyrim sound effects extraction on Steam..
  121. Recommend me (non Phantasy Star) music tracks that sounds like this (please)
  122. Spiderman 2 (PS2) Music Ripping
  123. Terminator Theme (Arrangement)
  124. Major Magnet Official Soundtrack! Out now!!
  125. Obscure Video Game OSTs
  126. PC game music, where is it on the disc? (Plane Crazy 1998)
  127. Nowhere Unknown Great Soundtracks From 80s (listen to directly)
  128. Looking for Japanese-sounding music
  129. Jaws Soundtrack Releases
  130. Any1 recognize the song in the beginning?
  131. How to Rip PS3 game music
  132. New Broly (DBZ) themes
  133. Opinions on new Lightning Returns music
  134. Video Games Live at SDCC '13 livestream
  135. Thomas Newman scoring "Saving Mr. Banks"
  136. Recording Sessions VS Complete Scores?
  137. where to buy the world's cheapest cd !!!
  138. Poll on Hybrid loseless/lower quality soundtracks.
  139. High-Res Game Soundtrack Cover Art
  140. Release date set for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns OST
  141. Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin
  142. Playstation 2 .JOE sound files don't work
  143. How do you store your film music collection?
  144. Anyone Looking For Free Original Music For Your Game?
  145. Anime store online that lets you select box condition before buying? which is it?
  146. Fully Orchestrated Video Game Scores
  147. Brian Tyler to Score Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  148. Marvel Taps IRON MAN 3 Composer Brian Tyler To Score THOR: THE DARK WORLD
  149. Suggest ear-pleasing/melodic Sci Fi Battle Music
  150. Carter Burwell no longer scoring Thor: The Dark World
  151. I need help extracting a SFX from and Xbox 360 game
  152. Music/songs that hold nostalgic value for you
  153. Any lyric from a song that hold any meaning for you?
  154. Action Music Thread
  155. Legend of Zelda vs. Beastie Boys mashup
  156. Champions of Norrath soundtracks?
  158. Most favorite game music
  159. Does Anybody know what song I'm thinking of?
  160. Favorite Boss Themes
  161. Michael Giacchino Set To Score DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES
  162. looking for Dungeon Fighter Online OST
  163. looking for music similar to mass effect and deus ex
  164. Anime music to smoke to
  165. Iron Man 3 score chronological order?
  166. Henry Jackman to score CAPTAIN AMERICA - THE WINTER SOLDIER
  167. Heroes of Video Game Music - 5.1 Surround Sound DVD
  168. Super Mario Galaxy Tribute Album
  169. Help converting Liberation Maiden's sound files
  170. VSR Star Trek Into Darkness only 42 min score release
  171. The Lion King Musical
  172. Williams and Star Wars Episode VII?
  173. Favorite music from movies
  174. Favorite video game music
  176. In look for beautiful Japanese Orchestrated Music
  177. What VGM are you using as ringtone/notification/alarm phone sound?
  178. 3DS Audio Ripping
  179. Songs like OOT's Spirit Temple?
  180. Tweets of Star Trek Into Darkness
  181. Red Orchestra 2 for $1
  182. Socom Combined Assault Jukebox Music Tracklist Running Times?
  183. Request - WarioWare: Smooth Moves
  184. Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves Rip Request
  185. Custom remixes/remasters/whatever of video game music
  186. God of War Ascension OST by Tyler Bates
  187. Ripping PS2 music: now I'm REALLY lost.
  188. Manos, the Hands of Fate... complete soundtrack release :D
  189. Anybody like the music from Bad Piggies?
  190. Looking for The Soundtrack for Crystal Triangle The Forbidden Message (1987) Kindan
  191. CD Release from Blood Stone 007 soundtrack?!
  192. What happened to Carlean Suites Factory?
  193. What song is this?
  194. Music Extracting Techniques
  195. What music for Settlers of Catan?
  196. For fans of The Sims: live-action Sims soap opera is being made! And need your help!
  197. Unknown Track
  198. What games deserve to have all music from games be released via OST?
  199. Searching for: Samurai Gun (2005) - Soundtrack
  200. My Zelda Review
  201. Where can I buy Mother Notes (Mother 1+2 Club Arrange) CD?
  202. looking for naruto, dbz, acapella
  203. DJ Nerd42's "White Materia" Final Fantasy 7 Mashups coming 1-31-2013!
  204. Best VGM of all times/Best VGM of year xxxx
  205. Examples of Masashi Hamauzu
  206. ArcheAge to be published by TrionWorlds
  207. My Zelda Collection & Review
  208. Leatherhead's Soundtrack Release schedule
  209. Your vote for Video Game Music (Classic FM Hall of Fame 2013)
  210. Please help Indentify this Soundtrack?
  211. The Legend Of Zelda Lamentizer Minecraft
  212. Can I extract dialogue from GTA San Andreas?
  213. My review of the Star Wars soundtracks.
  214. Ape Escape Extended Soundtrack Work in progress
  215. Need help with extracting music from Saints Row 2 (PC version)
  216. Emulation rip vs OST
  217. ArcheAge is coming
  218. Please—somebody help!
  219. 2012 Game of the Year & Soundtrack of the Year
  220. Very strange soundtrack
  221. Complete Thin Red Line Sessions - mp3
  222. Whats the best site to upload my music to to post here as a link?.
  223. FYC Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two)
  224. Campaign: Geitting The Soundtrack to Collision Course Released
  225. Our Man Flint (1966) Blu-Ray, Isolated Score Track
  226. Need a Korean Citizen to help with making a game account
  227. ghosbusters 2 score, does it exist?
  228. Creating VGM Looped Tracks
  229. HARRY POTTER 1-8 RECORDING SESSIONS petition thread!
  230. Did the artist Ef
  231. Is there a full version of this music from The Dark Knight Rises trailer?
  232. An Opera or Choral thread in the Television and Film Downloads Forum?
  233. What's your TOP TEN 10 Favorite Songs of Akira Yamaoka?!
  234. how can i rip music from: yu gi oh online3
  235. It's Official!: Piano Collections Final Fantasy XII, Scores will hit press next month
  236. Wb Files?
  237. DragonBall Z Budokai 3 & ASF Files
  238. Les Miserables
  239. How to Remove SFX and Voiceovers from Audio?
  240. Minigsf files cannot play in winamp
  241. Wii Music Album?
  243. What is this tune from?
  244. Vertigo score from new blu ray
  245. Cd ripping
  246. Newbie question: How do these guys do it?
  247. Die Hard 2 Deluxe Release 2CD at last!
  248. What music were you first moved by as a kid?
  249. Request: Complete Cue List for Gladiator
  250. Halo 4 Soundtrack