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  1. Uematsu - To Zanarkand in F# major
  2. Tidus' Theme weird noise
  3. Trying the NSG 'challenge' for the first time
  4. To Zanarkand (Very Accurate)
  5. Jecht AKA Braska's final Aeon
  6. Final Fantasy X NES ROM
  7. I don't understand!!!!
  8. best blitzball attacker
  9. CONFUSED: just completed FFX...
  10. MY FFX Challenges journal
  11. Buying Final fantasy X international version
  12. Old fantastic FFX video
  13. Anima breaks the game.
  14. Seymour Flux
  15. Why i think some of the characters are better than others
  16. Is Yuna's mother elder or younger sister of Cid?
  17. Music of FFX!
  18. Jecht before becoming sinh good or evil?
  19. Arena fights and drops
  20. Calm Lands leveling up
  21. how to kick butt in blitzball
  22. FFX review
  23. So i picked up FFX where i last left off
  24. A FFX song remix! We need some feedback.
  25. Anyone agree that Zanarkand is the best video game soundtrack song ever?
  26. Final Fantasy X - Not to be sold seperately
  27. Level 4 spheres? Where can one find them? (hope it's not a repeat)
  28. FF X REMAKE FOR VITA....i officially hate square
  29. Your Party?
  30. FFX rant i could kill the fucking bastards who made blitzball
  31. Why are people such assholes?
  32. Final Fantasy X is Coming to PlayStation Vita and PS3 in HD
  33. Jecht Spheres
  34. Final Fantasy X Parody
  35. How to get to the 9999 damage limit?
  36. Auron and Tidus
  37. Favourite FMV Sequence
  38. Easiest way to win Catcher Chocobo Race,
  39. Playing this game again after years off
  40. Max Stats and Dark Aeons
  41. monster arena
  42. Is the BradyGames guide a true 100% walkthrough?
  43. Could you guys rate my FFX music video tribute?
  44. What's the most surprising thing you discovered whilst playing the game/re-playing.
  45. Replaying FFX
  46. Butterfly Catching
  47. Chocobo Training
  48. Once you go forward, can you go back? (Possibe Spoilers)
  49. A question about the very beginning of this game
  50. Blitzball
  51. Final Fantasy X LP
  52. Who's The Main Villain?
  53. Odd problem
  54. The Omega Ruins...
  55. Is my game glitched? (Macalania Cloister)
  56. So, the Omega Ruins "chest game"...
  57. Are Al Bheds considered "human"?
  58. odd little bug
  59. One more question I have, with regards to obtaining the Magus Sisters..
  60. So, I understand I need THESE THREE THINGS to beat Braska's Final Aeon, BUT..
  61. Should I be doing this?
  62. Final Fantasy X Trivia
  63. After beating Yunalesca, I'm stuck.
  64. Help beating Seymour
  65. Anima Poster
  66. Magnus sisters
  67. Celestial Weapons
  68. Two Questions to Ask - Rikku + Al Bhed snow mobile
  69. Best Blitzball player
  70. Best and worst characters
  71. I need some help
  72. Final Fantasy X Cinematics
  73. Buster Sword
  74. Valefor's 2nd Overdrive, Energy Blast
  75. What did you call your Aeons and "Tidus?"
  76. Most "Difficult" Boss?
  77. Squeezing the most out of FFX *spoilers*
  78. FFX UK guide
  79. Prototype version leaked
  80. Why is this game hated?
  81. Final Fantasy 10 ~ Two Disc DVD Box Set (Japanese)
  82. Sphere Grid question
  83. A Few Questions.
  84. Anyone knows Suteki da ne violin version?
  85. Doing it the Hard Way
  86. I Think My Friend Is Mistaken About The Ending...
  87. Celestial Weapons?
  88. Plot Clarification: The meaning of death
  89. Auron with Yuna's Weapon???
  90. Suteki Da Ne Orchestral Ver (Piano only)
  91. Just some cruddy art ._. (Dunno if this goes in this forum or not)
  92. Attempting to recruit Larbeight...
  93. Someone help please
  94. Blitzball problem
  95. Blitzball = FFX-3?
  96. Final Fantasy x Forum game Enroll here.
  97. best looking character survey.
  98. Your favourite scene in this game
  99. I need everyones oppinion on yuna and tidus's relationship
  100. instant one hit kill and what is with seymour!
  101. FFX Help ?
  102. IIIII maddeeeee monsterzzzzz.
  103. Monster arena creations
  104. Is Ultima worth getting?
  105. FFX Gillionaire
  106. Al Bhed translator?
  107. Yu Yevon
  108. Question about Yunalesca
  109. Favourite Battle Quote?
  110. Yho vmiahd cbayganc rana?
  111. Fan Made Videos
  112. Probably been posted before but I couldn't find it in a forum search...
  113. How do I make an aeon with amazing stats? :Anima or Yojimbo?
  114. You know.
  115. Gillionare!
  116. So what is that thing said in Home
  117. My FFX's AMV
  118. The Official Final Fantasy X Rumble! (reborn again)
  119. The Future of the Final Fantasy X Rumble
  120. Official Final Fantasy X Rumble V.2
  121. Most number of blitzball goals scored?
  122. Otherworld Misheard
  123. Magus Sisters
  124. How do you break the life limit
  125. Final Fantasy X should continue!!!!!
  126. Kimhari Sucks
  127. Final Fantasy X International?
  128. What happens when...
  129. Auron with Yuna's weapon???
  130. Some questions to this Blitz game
  131. How the hell did "Guadosalam" make the piano collection?
  132. Should there be a prequel?
  133. Can I get some help with Seymour Flux battle?
  134. Penance
  135. Omega Weapon
  136. jecht shot 2
  137. Need Help.
  138. Can anyone help me with Braska's final aeon plzzzzz
  139. Super Goalie
  140. Ultimate Weapon Onion Knight
  141. Anti-drain ... has anyone successfully tech-copied it?
  142. a final fantasy X quote quiz!!!
  143. Things Final Fantasy X caracters would never say
  144. Bahamut: All he does is count?
  145. Help on FFX
  146. Yojimbo overdrive?
  147. **spoilers Ending video sequence. **spoilers
  148. Sin and Giga-Gravitation
  149. who would win
  150. ok i'm confused, a little help here plezzz
  151. What's with this monster capturing place in calm lands?
  152. Getting Anima, which temple did I miss? help please!
  153. I Cant beat demon sky guardian
  154. O'aka XXIII
  155. Final Fantasy X International... Help please! :)
  156. Flexible weapons
  157. NTFS and Internacional FFX
  158. Hi there! I have a question!
  159. er help pls
  160. Final Fantasy X is the best!
  161. Nirvana and Magus Sisters Stuck
  162. Al Bhed language?
  163. FFX saddest game ever?
  164. Passwords
  165. Last 10 Movie Spheres
  166. Favorite FFX song
  167. Didn't know to grab the Sun Crest after Yunalesca, am I screwed?
  168. Auron & The Farplane
  169. Is that Bahamut?
  170. Do you like how Shiva looks?
  171. About the Sigils.. (Ultimate Weapon Requirements)
  172. Anima
  173. FFX BOOK?
  174. Jecht Shot Mark III
  175. Final Fantasy -- Alternate Endings for Secondary Chars
  176. The f...ckinī Garuda...where i can find him???
  177. what do people think ff10 is a good game? i found it sucks
  178. The Official Final Fantasy X Rumble (Previous)
  179. questions regarding battle system?
  180. Do you think the game should have been longer?
  181. Hardest Sigil for you to get?
  182. The Zanarkand Cloister of Trials
  183. Rikku's Overdrive and the Bestiary
  184. Music during Laughing Scene?
  185. Cant find little girl and dog for energy blast overdrive.. help?
  186. FFX help
  187. FFX Fan Vids
  188. Yojimbo and Zanmato
  189. Rikku Look alike on mysims?
  190. ffx nes rom still availiable?
  191. Rikku papercraft
  192. Question on Yuna's eyes
  193. How would you say this game is?
  194. how to get the caladblog and crest and sigil
  195. Need Help with finding Auron's Sphere's and Kimahri's Crest.
  196. Best FFX parodies
  197. Want to voice Lulu in a radioplay production?
  198. Will/is there Final Fantasy X for PC
  199. JUst Finished The Game Again..Interesting Question....
  200. A Request
  201. Coping anti-venom 2
  202. Cheapest way of getting yojimbo
  203. Jecht boss(Semi final)
  204. Blitzball
  205. PENANCE!!!
  206. [SPOILERS] Japanese version of FFX
  207. am i the only one???
  208. Blitzball Levelling up?
  209. what do you say to Clasko?
  210. FFX Fan Vids
  211. celestial mirror
  212. ah bhed primers?
  213. Seymour Flux
  214. Hard to find FMVs
  215. Question About Getting Anima
  216. FFX PAL in USA
  217. Best Character
  218. Can't find the Chocobo lady in the calm lands
  219. Download FMVs
  220. Saddest Part?
  221. ject shot 2?
  222. Possible to watch final movies in sphere theatre?
  223. Who died when you played the game Luzzu or Gatta?
  224. Final Fantasy X The Movie Trailer (made by me)
  225. The FFX (only X) Voting Booth
  226. Victory Fanfare on FF X.
  227. Anima Fight??
  228. Could You Tell Seymore Was Evil and Crazy from the Beginning?
  229. Tidus + Blitzball = Star Player?
  230. Yuna and Tidus Laughing at Luca Sims version
  231. Final Fantasy X Auron Statue
  232. Total Annahilation!!! Someone help me on FFX with Seymore Flux!!
  233. Monsters @ mount Gagazet
  234. a question about one-eye monster
  235. Final Fantasy X Riddles
  236. how do i beat dark shiva?
  237. how to get lots of gil??
  238. 999 Roses AMV By me YunaxTidus
  239. Whats the name of the song?
  240. a question about break hp limit
  241. Final Fantasy X: Questions after?
  242. Tidus's name pronounciation.
  243. Im back!
  244. Wakka's best weapon
  245. Sad At The End?
  246. blitz ball luck
  247. HELP!!!: Evrae!
  248. Trying to Find a Translation
  249. Armors
  250. thunders