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  1. Noises in Final Fantasy VIII OST makes me sad :(
  2. Love Grows noise
  3. Are you still patient about collecting all the Triple Triad cards?
  4. How do i get dollet academy? or whatever it is called?
  5. Steam Release -- Worth It?
  6. I set my gfs to learn abilities but the AP i gain from battles doesnt add to their ap
  7. The Epic Final Fantasy VIII Medley
  8. FINAL FANTASY 8 Fanimation?
  9. New Theory of the Ending
  10. final fantasy 8 on pc
  12. FF8 has better balance in combat than ff7 and FFX
  13. Reintroducing Triple Triad into contemporary society?
  14. Why squall has good character development
  15. Triple Trade trade rule glitch?
  16. Squall needs your help (Monday, Sept 9!)
  17. FF8 Trabia Garden Problem.
  18. Where Would You Live? FFVIII
  19. People tell me I look like Laguna
  20. Need Help Obtaining Certain Assets From FF8
  21. Final Fantasy 8 Live Stream
  22. Cared Refine question
  23. Looking for people to play an online Triple Triad game with!
  24. What is Time Compression?
  25. (Disc 1) Can't climb ladder in gateway
  26. Why does everyone hate squall?
  27. FFVIII No Junction Challenge Stream on Twitch.TV
  28. Squall and Laguna's "talk" *spoilers*
  29. What type of government is Esthar?
  30. Uncanny resemblance between Ragnarok and Red-Eye Dragon?
  31. Did I miss out on Doomtrain and St-Def items?
  32. Trouble comprhending the junction system
  33. How do you open .PAK file called "DISC1.PAK" Or where can I get all 3d models?
  34. New here but I have a question...
  35. How many years into the future is Ultimecias time?
  36. Who all got Squall's best weapon in disc 1?
  37. Final Fantasy VIII Sound Effects?
  38. Question about getting Occult Fan II
  39. Centra ruins unaffected by time compression
  40. Are there FFVIII mods for other games that work as full conversion?
  42. weapons monthly magssss only found 1 through to disc 2
  43. I just beat up omega weapon
  44. Why i can't stand ff8
  45. Triple Triad : Home Made full set of cards - Making of
  46. I'm looking for a downloadable FFVIII demo
  47. FF8 cutscene compilation
  48. FF8 Summoning Nonsense
  49. One Sequel for all FF8 Fans!
  50. FFVIII 2010/2011
  51. Ultimecia's Castle
  52. Thoughts on a prequel?
  53. Extract FF8 3D Character from the Game?
  54. The Story of Laguna and Julia
  55. Favorite Limit Break?
  56. Whats the difference between these 2 guides
  57. Could Rinoa be Squall's Big Sister ?!?!?!?!
  58. PC Related Question (Not Relevant Anymore, But...)
  59. Triple Triad Club?
  60. Dispute of Final Fantasy 8 - Rinoa and Ultimecia
  61. For Sale (ebay): FF VIII for the PC and strategy guide
  62. Just Beat Numero Octo
  63. Crazy Idea about FFVIII
  64. Faceless Squall?
  65. FF8 XP Patch?
  66. NPCs and Triple Triad
  67. FF8 Live Action!
  68. Sorceress Adel
  69. FFVIII cheat questions
  70. Rest
  71. Fighting Bug on Playstation 1 (no Squall)
  72. With FFVIII is it better to level up later?
  73. Deling City
  74. CC Group Quest....Please Help
  75. Your FFVIII chcracter band
  76. FFVIII logo
  77. First FFVIII trailer music mystery
  78. Quick help please!
  79. Game Save
  80. So... final fantasy VIII :S
  81. Card Game Question
  82. Pocketstation Question
  83. I've got a scheme to make my copy of FF8 playable...will it work?
  84. Carding enemies. And maybe more questions later.
  85. I didn't think I be doing this
  86. Miniatures in Europe
  87. Music ripping?
  88. Questions about FF8
  89. PSN Final Fantasy 8 Quick Question
  90. FF8 PC Crash - D-District Prison
  91. Is my game bugged?
  92. Card game ._.
  93. FF8 PC version crashes when "Checking GAME Folder"
  94. Final fantasy VIII finally on PSN!
  95. Hyperion or Revolver?
  96. Suggest a Restriction
  97. NORG
  99. Final Fantasy 8 for the PlayStation Network?
  100. [FFVIII] AP without leveling
  101. Need some Laser Cannons
  102. Residents appreciation thread
  103. Final Fantasy VIII Play Arts Vol.2
  104. Disc 2 Problem (PC Version)
  105. Liberi Fatali full cover
  106. Blue bubbles near Centra...?
  107. The Official Final Fantasy VIII Rumble
  108. A FFVIII Newbie
  109. Stuck in space?
  110. Balamb Liberation issue
  111. Using Aura on an Opponent
  112. Quick question about Rinoa
  113. Help with Unkown final fantasy song
  114. Some serious questions...
  115. Eyes on me
  116. [Zell] The most detailed thread ever
  117. The Spoony One's FFVIII review
  118. Gain a lot of exp in disc 2
  119. FF8 and Vista
  120. Renzokuken Music Video
  121. Help with the WEAPONs
  122. Squall
  123. Ultimecia Help
  124. Little help - room with no exit?
  125. What Is Your favorite Music or scores in FF8?
  126. Ho!!!
  127. FF8 HUNGERS for a remake!!!
  128. Is Angelo a boy or a girl?
  129. leveling question
  130. how i beat ff8
  131. Debug Mode?
  132. How to get through Ultimecia's castle?
  133. Acopolyspe Magic? (PiggyBack)
  134. How to kill a Marlboro?
  135. Quick Card Queen Question
  136. Rip on FFVIII all you want, but...
  137. hard trivia
  138. need help seek me! completed game 6 times
  139. Aura
  140. Final Fantasy VIII: replay it ?
  141. A little help, maybe a bug?
  142. I need help with Adel!!
  143. Card Queen Confusion
  144. Favourite Battle
  145. Son of a Bitch!
  146. Could someone explain the ending to me ?
  147. Rerelease
  148. Rerelease
  149. Luck-J
  150. Completion Report
  151. What the hell? No drop from UW
  152. Tonberry King question.
  153. Another question about the Card Queen
  154. Card Queen
  155. luck-j, eva-j,spd-j, hit-j,
  156. music reverse-gf
  157. How do I defeat Adel? >.>
  158. Ultima weapon..
  159. Where can I find the betrayal sword and turtle shells?
  160. best def. agesnt Malboro ??
  161. Lv?Death ???
  162. lionheart..
  163. jumbo cactuar
  164. Converting French version to english
  165. Ragnarok
  166. cc sidequest
  167. Anybody know..
  168. where can i find moonstone? and magic stone?
  169. graphics issue with epsxe
  170. tips on defeating diablos.
  171. tips on defeating tonberrys?
  172. malboro and abyss worm
  173. Does this world have a name?
  174. a perfect FF8 game?
  175. GF Alexander..
  176. help!! HP problems..
  177. FF8 on vista.
  178. My Character Analysis of Squall and Seifer
  179. GF's to whom?
  180. Need some help
  181. Gilgamesh and Bosses
  182. Ultimania
  183. Oh, just a little something I noticed.
  184. Who Was Stronger: Seifer or Squall?
  185. Need Help
  186. Omega Defeat Thread
  187. This might seem like a stupid question, but I'm being honest here.
  188. Tonberry/Odin Quest
  189. Final Fantasy VIII [Arranged] Remakes?????
  190. FF8 sound patch for pc?
  191. Windows XP, FF8, doh...
  192. Should I Persevere
  193. Gerogero?
  194. How to make Cactuars stay in a battle...
  195. ff8 people in kingdom hearts
  196. To level up or not.......
  197. Wallpaper of Laguna
  198. The Official Final Fantasy VIII Rumble
  199. .
  200. Anyone else have VIII as their favorite?
  201. Any sort of hint in the game telling you how to get Tonberry?
  202. Laguna=Squall's father?
  203. Petition for the remake of Final Fantasy VIII
  204. stuck in Balamb Garden
  205. How the hell did I just get the Twin Lance?
  206. FF8 fails, as demonstrated by Spoony
  207. FF8 PC cd problems.
  208. I need Help getting to esthar!!!!
  209. To get Occult Fan II...
  210. That wonderful White SeeD Ship!
  211. As a kid, Squall was my idol
  212. Can't start the game! Just playing staff credits?
  213. Emulator trouble
  214. lionheart stuff...
  215. Cloud Strife?
  216. Shumi Tribe Card?
  217. How to unpack the .pak files??
  218. Help me on game crash issue
  219. dynamo stones & red fangs
  220. looking for Adamantoise
  221. Getting rare cards 4th CD
  222. Hmmm how do you...
  223. Second Laguna Flashback
  224. Overpowered Rinoa
  225. Squall, Laguna, Ultimecia question
  226. Rinoa is Ultimecia?
  227. The Powers Of Merton
  228. The Title of This Song?
  229. Least Favourite Final Fantasy 8 monster?
  230. Emphatic Damage
  231. Forbidden Magic
  232. Card rules help
  233. Need URGENT help with Ultima Weapon....T_T Please?
  234. Do you think Squall should have died?
  235. My stupid lil guide, LOW depth guide.
  236. Final fantasy VIII Greatest Final fantasy!?!
  237. Help for the WORLD MAPS CONTROLS
  238. FF8 music question
  239. Help in FFVIII PC
  240. Need Help Finding Gunblade for cosplay
  241. FFVIII BradyGames strat guide
  242. FF VIII Bug
  243. Need help on a Laguna sequence
  244. Need some help... (Spoilers?)
  245. Ask Xandypants (and friends)
  246. Need help in progressing
  247. I hate the second Laguna flashback
  248. Where or When Does Ami Appear?
  249. Most Fav. Limit Breaks?
  250. obscure similarity with starwars