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  1. This petition's goals are localized versions of KINGDOM HEARTS various languages
  2. Legend of Mana Piano Sheet Music Request
  3. Operation KOS-MOS [Any xenosaga fans in here?]
  4. Do you know/play RPG game ?
  5. Tactics Ogre - PSP or PS1
  6. RPGs you conquered (not really 100%) :D
  7. Your favorite battle systems?
  8. How far are you in Dark Souls II DLC Crown of the Old Iron King?
  9. ♞ Fan made Online Pokémon MMO RPG Game PokemonPets just started ♘
  10. Not sure if this goes here, but...
  11. league of legends
  12. Information about the former Save Import Data feature for Dragon Age Inquisition
  13. Best PS3 RPG Recommendations??
  14. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
  15. Saga Frontier 2 - What do people think of it?
  16. Endica VII (4-Player Action RPG)
  17. Rules for Role Playingl Gaming Discussion
  18. Calling all Mobile Gamers!
  19. Dragon Age Inquisition reveal at E3
  20. Ys Origin (Perfect Boss Rush)
  21. List your top five favorite NON FINAL FANTASY RPG's
  22. Brain Lord (SNES almost unkwon ARPG)
  23. MonsterMMORPG V2 Started - Indie Free Browser Game - Similar to Pokemon Games
  24. What The Hell Happened To Square Soft/Enix?
  25. Pokemon X and Y (WorldWide Release for the 3DS on October 2013)
  26. Need Help
  27. Help me remember this song's title!
  28. Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance
  29. New terrifying, medival, survival horror RPG coming out: Shadows of Esteren.
  30. Knights of the Old Republic Collection spotted at retail
  31. Rune Factory and Harvest Moon
  32. RPG's with amazing stories?
  33. New Elder Scrolls game.. it's a MMORPG
  34. Baten Kaitos
  35. Baldur's Gate
  36. Looking for playtesters!
  37. Yugioh March 2012 Ban list?
  38. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance discussion/speculation/news (a little spoiler-y)
  39. blockland rpgs
  40. Xenoblade Chronicles
  41. Battles that you are supposed to loose?
  42. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread
  43. Guild Wars 2 bitches
  44. Vampire the masquerade nostalgia
  45. am i a weaboo for importing tales of xillia?
  46. Megami Tensei Series
  47. Legends Never die
  48. Perfect World Blue Dragon
  49. MegaMan Legends 3 Cancelled
  50. Attack Speed glitch in Dragon Age 2 - any remedy?
  51. Favorite/Least Favorite SRPG
  52. Looking To Create Japanese-Style RPG!!
  53. Final Fantasy Live
  54. Possible Suikoden VI?
  55. Square Enix to reveal new MMO by April 2012
  56. Argo Online
  57. Infinite Space.
  58. So, in Dragon Quest VI ...
  59. Tales of Destiny 1 & 2 (Playstation 1 US Versions)
  60. Greatest RPG System
  61. Eternal Sonata
  62. Dragon Age II
  63. Valkyrie Profile PS1
  64. Who are your top five favorite RPG characters?
  65. Favorite/Best PS2 RPG's
  66. Give me ur best rpg things out there, Bored or Videogames :P
  67. WRPG, A Bioware Rant & the Gameplay of the Genre.
  68. looking for a full set of FF Tactics avys
  69. Has Kingdom hearts lost its touch?
  70. Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded
  71. Disgaea
  72. Best Battle System
  73. Rebuilding my lost RPG collection - please recommend some titles worth owning!
  74. Anyone play Final Fantasy XIV?
  75. Help with FF7...?
  76. Dark Throne
  77. The Old Republic: Guess who's coming to dinner...
  78. Need help with Warcraft III online mode!
  79. Recommended RPG's for PS2
  80. Fan Made Free Pokemon Role Playing Game PokemonCraft
  81. RPG's for the PS3
  82. Can someone help me with this game song?
  83. Has your taste in RPG's changed/shifted?
  84. Dragon Age II Announced
  85. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
  86. The Official Super Mario RPG thread
  87. The Official Runescape Thread
  88. In the mood for an RPG...
  89. Phantasy Star: Universe
  90. Worst RPG/s You've Played To Date?
  91. Just Started Xenogears...
  92. Beat Chrono Trigger for the First Time...
  93. Suikoden 2 wanted
  94. Which of these games is in your opinion, the best? (Poll)
  95. Dragon Quest Marathon April 8th - 11th 72 hours
  96. Xenogears... Is a Strategy Guide Needed?
  97. The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings
  98. Most Popular / Most Loved RPG's?
  99. Obsidian Entertainment's Alpha Protocol
  100. PS1 RPG'S...(Full List of Every PS1 RPG)
  101. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  102. Vagrant Story (Sealed) Worth?
  103. Looking to buy new games
  104. Square Question: ChronoT,FF6&7,Xenogears
  105. Final Fantasy...
  106. The Age old Question: Western VS Eastern
  107. Any S.T.A.L.K.E.R fans out there? (Review)
  108. Top Ten RPGs List on DA
  109. Star Ocean : The Last Hope International
  111. Role Playing Games and the Concept of the Hero
  112. What RPG is a must?
  113. Fully-voiced
  114. Has anyone here played 'The World Ends With You', an original SE game on the DS?
  115. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
  116. Next game?
  117. Vagrant story- Psn.
  118. Dai Senryaku
  119. Favorite Pokemon Games?
  120. Ultimate Tactics Chess [Board FFTactics Game]
  121. Dragon Age Origins
  122. Persona 1 PSP
  123. Risen (PC) Impressions
  124. Battlestar Galactica: Earth's Rebirth RPG
  125. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days
  126. Persona 4 FMV Download
  127. Sacred 2 Fallen Angel
  128. Persona 3 or Persona 3 FES?
  129. Explanation for the Mystery of the Sindar in Suikoden
  130. Suikoden II: Ultimate Parties for the Final Battle
  131. Suikoden II: How to Deliver 14,400 Damage Points
  132. RPG Remake Wishlist
  133. The Official Kingdom Hearts Rumble
  134. Happy Birthday Dear MOTHER
  135. Aion on Steam
  136. 8bit killer
  137. The Star Ocean Games
  138. A little Kingdom Hearts II help... (reaction commands)
  139. RPGs aimed at more mature audiences
  140. Good RPGs?
  141. The game development resource thread (FFshrine version)
  142. Name your favorite PS1 RPG. Only one!
  143. Black Sigil
  144. Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories
  145. To all you WoW players...
  146. Trying to Find Old PS1 Game
  147. FFXIII watch it now!
  148. RPGs set in a modern/contemporary setting
  149. Castle Crashers
  150. Neverwinter Nights 1/2
  151. Persona games
  152. SMT Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon
  153. PERSONA 4
  154. Valkyria Chronicles
  155. Fanfiction Review Request
  156. Blood of Bahamut
  157. Valkyria Chronicles
  158. Chrono Trigger coming to DS [/cream]
  159. SONW Shriners*FAKE*
  160. THe Official Breath Of Fire 4 Action Replay/Gameshark Tread
  161. Reaview on Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
  162. Anyone playing the new Star Ocean game?
  163. Mother 3 Translation Patch is out!
  164. Tales of Vesperia
  165. Onyxia Wipe Video (Moar Dots!)
  166. Quest for Glory II VGA Released!!
  167. Wrath Of The Lich King (Release Date Announced)
  168. New Portable Phantasy Star: Phantasy Star Zero!
  169. Dissidia Final Fantasy [NEW DKS3713 PV]
  170. Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
  171. Does anyone have Akihiko Sanada's wallpaper?
  172. The Myst Saga! Discussion
  173. Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King
  174. Guild Wars?
  175. Interested in a RPG Maker
  176. If you like final fantasy, MMOs, and the word FREE check dis son
  177. who actually plays runescape
  178. this game infinite undiscovery looks good!
  179. Star Ocean Till The End Of Time
  180. Metal Gear Ghost Babel gameboy advance !! :]
  181. Fallout 3 banned in Australia
  182. Unknown, Underappreciated, RPG's
  183. the chrono cross appreciation thread
  184. Can Chrono Cross still hold its own as a great game?
  185. Which of these Square Enix rpg's do you want ported to DS/PSP?
  186. SE makes 'CTDS' teaser site
  187. stumbled across a very interesting and free MMORG game
  188. I want to play an RPG - Suggestions?
  189. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon(July 8th for Wii)
  190. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
  191. Xenosaga - Jr. and MOMO
  192. Sephiroth Optional Boss Battles...
  193. Info on Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Pokemon Japanese first week sales
  194. Lunar Knights
  195. Fire Emblem?
  196. Suikoden People
  197. Free Promo period for PC/PS2 Phantasy Star Universe!
  198. Does anyone play any online MMRPG's?
  199. Which rpg are you looking forward to most for Fall 2008?
  200. X-Edge
  201. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates
  202. Rogue Galaxy
  203. FAO Raidenex
  204. .Hack// G.U
  205. What's a Free Good RTM MMORPG?
  206. EarthBound headed for Virtual Console
  207. Elder Scrolls Oblivion
  208. I just bought Alundra 1!!
  209. REcomend me a good rpg for ps2 PLZ n THNKU
  210. Mabinogi
  211. Rpg sales information 2005-2008
  212. Tales of eternia.
  213. Looking for the last great RPGs with NO voice acting..
  214. The Witcher.
  215. Maplestory vs. RuneScape --- THE EPIC BATTLE
  216. Star Ocean 2 for the PSP
  217. Looking for RPG
  218. Lights of Dreams Demo
  219. Wild Arms XF/Crossfire
  220. AdventureQuest
  221. Persona 4 in this week's Famitsu
  222. FAO Valkyrie Profile fans
  223. Kingdom Hearts 2 Questions
  224. Lunar on the DS?
  225. Gary Gygax RIP
  226. Desert Island RPGs
  227. Kingdom hearts 2 final mix
  228. Thoughts on Lost Odyseey?
  229. Starwars KOTOR
  230. Diablo II: LoD
  231. DOMO!
  232. KQ? (Linux)
  233. Next gen RPGs
  234. Tactics Ogre
  235. Blue Dragon??
  236. I Cancelled My WoW Account
  237. Xenosaga Ep. III
  238. Subarashiki Kono Sekai/It's a Wonderful World
  239. Place to Watch RPG Endings
  240. Pokemon...?
  241. Find Cyan a game.
  242. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Do I need it?
  243. Breath of Fire II help!
  244. Tales of the Abyss
  245. Front Mission tactical rpg series
  246. three new Kingdomhearts
  247. Game Lemon's top 15 console rpg's of all time
  249. What is your favorite rpg released in the early Fall 2007 season in Usa?
  250. Fallout 3