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  1. A ranting with no logic and a lot of spelling and grammar errors...
  2. My Story
  3. untitled
  4. Mental Vomit
  5. Ground Zero
  6. Dreamland
  7. BizarroSephiroth's "Half Of You Guys Here Suck So I Am Posting Poetry Anyway" thread
  8. Once again, i post here, disregarding all your "comments"
  9. itt: my post-modern hamster poem of instant fail
  10. Accident
  11. Love Poems this time
  12. Afreath
  13. I could careless, but........
  14. A Bunch Of Poems/Songs~By Myself
  15. Zig Zag Romance
  16. Is it really Worth it?
  17. Poetry Of A Broken Heart.
  18. columbine part 2
  19. columbine
  20. Another Poem(Hope I get it right this time)
  21. A rhyme I wrote dedicated to all the backstabbers and so called "friends"
  22. Pt.2 of Story Cloud's Eyes
  23. (please read) Cloud's Eyes: The Life and Times of Cloud in FF7. (Five Years Ago)
  24. Love Sits Atop the Horizon
  25. My First Lover
  26. The Amazing Final Fantasy Race
  27. Some of my poetry (I just started so if you don't like it i don't care)
  28. Darwin Story
  29. The Poems of Jim.
  30. FF7 Fanfic I read at one point browsing on the internet......very beautiful
  31. Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason
  32. Melvin's Motivation
  33. Alvinz's three steps to writing a good story ^^!!!
  34. Nocturna Obsura
  35. Journey through life: ff8 fanfiction
  36. Dying in My Sleep Would Be Too Perfect - Lyrical Poem
  37. A short poem I wrote.
  38. The Poem Of Extreme Sorrow.
  39. The Poem Of Extreme Sorrow.
  40. Baby Blocks - FF8
  41. FAO: TK and anyone who knows about story writing!
  42. FFX fan fiction
  43. Illicitexexecutionatdawn
  44. Dreams of eternity
  45. Fantasy pit fights
  46. if its late and youre bored, click on me
  47. Role playing!!!!
  48. Unknown
  49. a crappy poem
  50. Habit Formation
  51. Poem
  52. Reverie of an Unknown Muse
  53. Reminiscence (if u can call this poetry)
  54. Freestyle Frenzy! *A Mockery Of You*
  55. Alkaline Earth Woman
  56. eternal
  57. FTW.
  58. Possibly Rated R?
  59. Never Tomorrow
  60. The Ancient Fayth - an FF-X fanfic
  61. Fantasy Royale
  62. Alright guys I have something to say about love poems/death poems
  63. All the King's Men (FFT)
  64. Free 4 All!!!
  65. Harry Potter fanfic
  66. So i decided to post...
  67. warm welcome
  68. I wish to touch the moon (a poem)
  69. ff8 fan fictions
  70. Blood Ties
  71. The Turks: A Precursor
  72. Some Depressing Dr.Suess'esque poems from the new guy
  73. My First Poem
  74. Hey check out my awesome poems
  75. The Pope's Penis (a "real" poem)
  76. turk stories
  77. Heavy Rains on Hell Morning and A Bad Day at Sunrise
  78. Final Fantasy fanfiction?
  79. The Old Paths
  80. Lessons In Empathy
  81. As You are.
  82. Two poems by me <3
  83. Beat It (A Beautiful Self Gratifying poem)
  84. New and Improved poem
  85. Moon Lit Path (Poetry)
  86. TK story thread
  87. Two Warriors
  88. The Krystal*Light Series
  89. my first fanfic
  90. Poem thread
  91. If you're bored, check this out
  92. Aint no sunshine
  93. My Story Idea
  94. Pants 2: Pants Pants Revolution *A Rap Epic*
  95. Peom for.... no one
  96. A Poem for Yu Yevon
  97. The Situation (explicit)
  98. Random Thoughts
  99. What
  100. A Couples Love (rated about 16 I say)
  101. Like if not love
  102. Some love poem I found on the internet
  103. Baddest story I've ever written (Ill rate it MA for certain reasons)
  104. My FF story line, Final Fantasy Alpha
  105. some guy
  106. Lock the doors
  107. Truth
  108. Don't know where to put this it a stroy im writing
  109. Thy Hallowed Agony
  110. falling.
  111. Cheer Up
  112. Stubbed toe
  113. Final Fantasy 8 Roleplay...I need full cast...SEIFER TAKEN!
  114. Final Fantasy VII: In Sephiroth's Tower
  115. Irvine Kinneas: Forgotten Turmoil (rated R)
  116. Final Fantasy: Chains of Love (rated R and co authoured)
  117. Vanish
  118. Silent Sexy Seduction (original, rated R)
  119. Final Fantasy VIII: Fatal Temptations
  120. "Axel News - Issue 1"
  121. Bee
  122. I have acid in my eye
  123. Generation suicide
  124. A Tale of Love
  125. Question about poetry/short stories
  126. How Un-Ego Like.
  127. oh no!
  128. true love...
  129. Legends of Ivalice: Dragon Skies
  130. Jesus Doesn't Like Gays
  131. Lesbian cow
  132. Nemisis, A book I started a long time ago
  133. Awakening
  134. Poem about the happy times in life.
  135. A rap for acpo
  136. poemoeomem
  137. Drowning in a sea of fat
  138. more excellent poetry from the pen of goth-cat
  139. Happy Poetry
  140. Your ff character!
  141. poem abotu deth LOL
  142. My Poems
  143. Hugo and the Dragon Lord
  144. My Poor Bed
  145. Not my poetry, but it's still good.
  146. The Big Battle of Battling Battles Of Hell!
  147. Gone, But Not Forgotten (FFX Fic, w/ End Spoilers)
  148. The Day Ends
  149. Mondo
  150. No woman no cry
  151. I wish i could write poetry better...
  152. sorrow
  153. Why Did I Bother...
  154. The Tale of Tarius - feedback appreciated
  155. As I promised.
  156. hmm..... Im not sure.
  157. Prelude to the Fall of the Kings
  158. Dylan inspired gibberish
  159. I need some very creative, surreal imaginations.
  160. ~* Wacky Races 2004 *~
  161. Guess some critique wouldn't hurt...
  162. Poems.
  163. Dark Phoenix - a different version of the FFVII ending
  164. Her Puppet
  165. But do you still know who I am?
  166. HatE: Honesty and the Enlightenment
  167. Tom Jones will have his career back after this!
  168. Opinions needed: Does this sound ok?
  169. Tide of Fate: Genesis
  170. No Reason
  171. For the Dream
  172. From one retard to another.
  173. A poem about work/life
  174. Poems:Love, hate, and everything in between
  175. My old story thread is too old to post in anymore so here's a new one.
  176. Final Fantasy Script
  177. Sleep.....Written in 10 mins
  178. William Beckerson Attempts to Give High Fives to Strangers
  179. A Story Im making Based on Wolf's Rain.
  180. Sample of Chapter One of a book I'm writing. Feedback appreciated!
  181. 4 U 2 laugh at!
  182. Buddy fanfic
  183. Final Fantasy Related Art
  184. Another Day
  185. Your Fantasy
  186. An FF1 poem
  187. My ickle sis wrote this.
  188. Battle City Pt.2
  189. anyone have a cool plot for a final fantasy game that links them all together?
  190. How does this sound?
  191. The Fury Beneath
  192. I said I'd post poems...
  193. FF FAN project !
  194. A (big) fic on FFT
  195. This is a Poem PLEASE READ IT.
  196. Final Fantassy Rise of the Red Mages : Reloaded
  197. This poem thingy......
  198. No Title
  199. God's Green Earth: A Poem About Aeris
  200. Random Poetry
  201. For all those that thought that Rufus needed a gf
  202. Darkness
  203. FF Poetry
  204. It's All I've Got Now
  205. A piece of something.
  206. No one to blame....
  207. Two Warriors....
  208. power metal song
  209. Untitled [An attempt at poetry]
  210. A little fanfic done by me and a friend
  211. need help baaad
  212. Demented Oddities
  213. Hymn of the Reunited Kingdom (Anthem of Gondor and Arnor)
  214. True Brothers (A Marine story by me)
  215. Dragonlance
  216. a few "poems" i made...
  217. Ramblings of the Immortale
  218. Lacquer Dreams
  219. Final Fantasy Trilogy, a crossover between 7 and 8
  220. Nothing to Lose
  221. Gothic Lullaby
  222. ff 7 rap
  223. Help with FF7 plz...
  224. I was bored in English class
  225. Greek Literature
  226. Story thing!
  227. Short Short Tifa/Aeris fight
  228. Whatever....
  229. geology song
  230. Tell me all i need to know.
  231. My story
  232. has anybody here...
  233. My dedication to "Pants"
  234. A poem by D.H Lawrence...
  235. Another Narrative
  236. True Love....(FF7)
  237. If Anyone finds my song offensive, I apolgize.
  238. Untitled
  239. could we see.......
  240. Final Fantasy 7-2 Part I
  241. Caith's Paradox Box
  242. Another Canvas (POEM)
  243. Macht
  244. FF7 Fic - Post me yer chars!
  245. Hacking Zhrytalnyllianity / A 45+ A4 page stunning work of pure fiction...
  246. Trance Kuja's Final Fantasy XIII-2 (The stunning conclusion to Trance Kuja's FFXIII)
  247. New and Dumb to the rules! LAST POST
  248. A Riddle..do you know what I am?
  249. anyone like to write poetry?
  250. Synaptic Slavery