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Thread: searched for my own thread - no mataches (which is a lie)

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    searched for my own thread - no mataches (which is a lie)

    I searched for my own thread in a forum because it has been some time since I checked... the result returned "no matches" even though the thread does exist... I eventually found it... but it took a hard hunt for it....and get this it does exist and it IS that name.... so that means the search function is broken.... please fix the search function problem...

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    Go to:

    1. Advanced Search
    2. Click Search Multiple Content Types button
    3. Leave blank the query box in the Search For Keyword and select "Search Titles Only" in the dropdown menu
    4. Enter your exact Username
    5. Click the Search Now button

    You should see your results in a page like this:

    Hope this helps

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    Or you can click your Username/My Profile links at the top of every page, and then Find latest started threads.
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