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Thread: FFShrine Legal FAQs and others I recommend this being stickied - Jason

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    FFShrine Legal FAQs and others I recommend this being stickied - Jason

    Ohh FAQs stands for Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question
    && stands for Nintendo to tell Nintendo Anti-Piracy, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., Square Enix, CAPCOM,
    Konami Corporation
    $$ stands for Nintendo, RARE, Rare LTD, Taito, Tengen, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., Square Enix, CAPCOM,
    Konami Corporation
    %% stands for
    Video Game Music at Galbadia Hotel
    # stands for number

    FAQ #1: Is using files of $$ in public game, public games, public others, public other legal?


    FAQ #2: Will you Jason please explain how (thank you)?

    Why certainly.
    On Monday February 14, 2011 I mail writed to && about %%
    and FBI — Homepage
    the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI's)
    mailing address
    and in my mail to && I also told about the possibility/possibilities/both
    about %% stuff coming from (getting ripped from) ROMs (Read Only Memories) or a Read Only Memory (ROM) or both.

    Now today (when I posted this) is Saturday November 5, 2011
    there has been more than plenty of time for one or more of && to shut down %% but $$ is completely okay with %% stuff.

    FAQ #3: Are you Fira777's Channel - YouTube Fira777 from youtube (YouTube)?

    Yes I am.

    FAQ #4: Why are you reposting this?

    Because similar threads may have dropped and some people are very+ angry at Video Game Music at Galbadia Hotel for having claimed illegal files.

    So I wanted to clear things up.

    FAQ #5: What member(s) got really+ concerned on legal subject(s)?

    Not Special

    FAQ #6: Is it legal to also use %% stuff in private (personal) games, private game, private others, private other?


    Ohh and (&) btw (by the way) FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation
    N. Usa (North United States of America) & (and) My name is Jason & I am from N. Usa & I live in N. Usa & I was born in N. Usa
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    Thanks for the informative post.

    Caveat: Laws are different everywhere. Laws change. Interpretations of the law can change. Consult your local attorney.

    Copyright enforcement is not the purview of the FBI. The enforcement of copyright is the responsibility of the copyright holder. (see: Copyright infringement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). The FBI does not comment on real, nor hypothetical, investigations.

    Recently, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    (ICE), largest investigative agency in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has made combating criminal activity conducted on, or facilitated by, the Internet a leading priority. (see: for a discussion)

    In countries that have signed the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights file sharing might be legal, if;
    1). the sharing done for free. No compensation of any kind can be involved.
    2). the sharing is done in the public interest (see: Public interest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
    3). no harm is intended and no harm is caused.
    Your country/location might be different.

    PS - thinking because "you got no answer" that you are legally ok - is brave, but naive.
    Nor is "not being shut down" a legal defense.

    Do it for free.
    Do it for the public good.
    Do no evil.

    All posts are for public interest purposes only. Commercial re-use is not authorized.

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