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Thread: Please can something be done in regards to re captcha?

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    Please can something be done in regards to re captcha?

    Ok my first post might sound like a bit of moan, but it's certainly not the intention and I do apologize if it gives that impression.

    stavros_b is not my original account on here, but I've been forced to create a new one due to re captcha. Some of the words it generates look like a baby scrawled them and are nigh on impossible to read, but some are quite clear as to what they say. Unfortunately in either case, the words I enter never seem to be accepted by the system.

    How does it work? Are the words case sensitive? Do I need to add in any punctuation marks that it displays?

    I'm all for sophisticated systems keeping out spammers, but when they keep out genuine forum members as well then it might become a problem.

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    sorry i know it can be annoying but we don't really have another choice

    just make your best guess-- if you're wrong you can always try again. it's not caps sensitive, not sure about punctuation

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    Here's an interesting article on the purpose of recaptcha. It does more than prove you aren't a robot, and those baby scrawls aren't necessarily nonsense: reCAPTCHA - Spam Protection with a Purpose
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