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Thread: Transformers : Which series do you prefer?

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    it had to be the original Transformers series. right now i totally dig the Transformers Prime. i must admit missing the Dinobots but the full orchestral music does much wonders in making it epic and memorable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Revan View Post
    Oh, and Transformers was originally Japanese. Optimus Prime was originally called Convoy.
    this is only partially correct. the toys were originally from a Japanese line called Diaclone, and the toy that became Optimus was called Convoy. but Transformers, as far as the storyline, personalities of the characters, and everything that happened after 1986, is an American creation (with Marvel Comics coming up with most of the premise of the first year). Although even when Diaclone became Transformers and Hasbro and Takara made it a partnership, Optimus was still known as Convoy in Japan until the Bay movies came out.

    BUT to answer the original question. I mostly prefer the comics over the cartoons (and especially the movies). my favorite series is the More Than Meets the Eye series that's currently in print from IDW, but I also like the Marvel G2 series and the Devil's Due GI Joe crossovers. as far as cartoons go, it's nearly a tie between Beast Wars and Animated. also the original 86 Movie is a great guilty pleasure.
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    G1 (1984-1987)

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    I like Cybertron because it has a really great soundtrack. And that stock footage is just epic.

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    Rad-Max, if you're looking for Dinobot stories set in the Transformers: Prime timeline, there are some comics that I highly recommend:

    Rage of the Dinobots picks up the story of Grimlock and his team where Fall of Cybertron left off (post-exodus) and sets the stage for Ultra Magnus' debut in the series proper.

    The two-volume Beast Hunters series continues the story through Season 3 and into the aftermath of Predacons Rising.

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    Transformers Galaxy Force it has great music. My username is a clue.

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    my brother and I are big transformers fans. we started out with beast wars as our favorite, but transformers prime became our new favorite transformers series. TP had a good soundtrack with great battle scenes as well as the story captivated us. we even had a bed sheet and pillow case with the g1 transformers on them (when we were just kids our mom bought them for us since she saw us always watching transformers)

    Note: we have seen a lot of transformers the 80's movie and so on, but we never watched the original G1 tv series

    edit: here is a pic of my pillow case. it is still in great condition kept that clean for so many years.
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    Beast Wars! Why do I like it? Because.

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    Transformers Prime is cool.
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