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Thread: Searching for a phrase - is it possible?

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    Searching for a phrase - is it possible?

    Hi all,
    This may turn out to be a dumb question. If so, apologies in advance!

    I was trying to search for a specific film title ("Never Say Never Again"), but the search engine is clearly searching on the three distinct words individually, and apparently comes up with anything with any one of them as a keyword - it says there are too many results to display, and instructs me to try again using different, less-common words. (Obviously, not possible in this case!)

    So I tried searching on the whole phrase, first by enclosing it in quotation marks, and then by using a Boolean "+" between the words. In both cases, the search just goes on for more than an hour, and never returns a result. (Sincere apologies if the performance of the website took a hit while I was doing this! I didn't intend that!!)

    I can't find any hints in the FAQs about searching on a phrase, or options for doing it in the Advanced search dialog.

    So, any hints or tips, please? Have I not thought this through, or missed something I should have thought of?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Sometimes I use google instead....searching outside of here:

    for example : "Never say Never again Final Fantasy Shrine Forums"

    It doesn't always work but I've been lucky on the odd occasion.


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