Being here for quite some time & downloading/requesting and having some of my requests filled brings me great joy because I can gets stuff from here than I can't get anywhere else since a giant portion of what's posted here cannot be found in stores. I'd like to contribute to this site by uploading what I have. However, I need to know a few things first.

I know the following is a lot to read. Sorry in advance.

1. I need to know if there is a place where I can post links for free

2. When the links die, how to re-post them

2 (Alternative method). Create new links

3. How to keep links alive as much as possible because I don't think they can remain alive forever. Correct?

P.S. a detailed guideline for a newbie would be most welcome & appreciated. It'll be the first time I ever posted anything.

I also need those who will download to keep the following in mid when downloading or thinking about downloading anything I have posted:

- Please know that my time is valuable as I do not have much of it. Between college, job, getting laid off & looking for another job, I barely if ever have any free time on my hands so if a request is needed, please ask for it kindly with respect & realize it may take time for me to respond and/or to repost a deal link or to fill a request.

- Also, I am quite new at this so it will take time for me to get it right.

- I do not rip. However, I will post rips I get (if permission is granted by the uploader or ripper). I will also post Film/TV music as I get them.

- a Thank You is appreciated as is feedback without criticism.

More will follow above if I think of anything else to put.

Thank you.