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    Yu Gi Oh

    What's your thoughts on Yu Gi Oh? Personally, I think it was the stupidest anime I have ever seen, and that says a LOT. I saw the first episode, so that is the one I am reviewing.

    To start with, it's a big advertisement for their card game, which I can't figure out how to play (I rented the game, but I am assuming that you play the actual card game like that.)

    Also, they make a big deal out of a freakin card game. Dude, there is absolutely NO importance to this card game. I mean, in real life, usually there are about 3 losers playing card games like this and the rest are sleeping, drawing, or smoking, or whatever it is kids usually do. But no, the whole episode is about cards and only cards. (And the reason is to sell the cards).

    Yugi's grandfather seems all beat up cause he lost some card duel and Yugi tries to avenge him by beating that guy in a card duel? Dude, if I were Yugi, I would just beat the daylights out of that bad guy for being a total loser. He'd say, "Come on. Play those pathetic cards of yours. You're no better at this than your grandfather." And I would respond, "Okay, you win. So you beat me in a card game. I'm gonna kick your ass punk." and beat his stupid ass into the ground for attacking my grandfather AND for being a loser that needs his ass kicked.

    Your thoughts?

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    Yea but it’s a cartoon for kids dude, so you can’t really expect real life things to actually happen in the show. Just chill back and take it for what it is: An advertisement for cards like you said.

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    I have to say... asked my opinion on Yugioh, I have to tell you I totally dislike the series. I only read one volume of the manga. The story did not even arrive at the card game, but I already loathe it so much I simply had to quit.

    It is beyond me how an author can make a main character that ugly looking and annoying. In all my manga reading experience, I never met somebody who pissed me off more often, a close second maybe being Kyoshiro from Samurai Deeper Kyo.

    Yugioh´s success is impossible to justify for me.

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    Oh well, even if it an advertisement it's just for little kids. They don't need a deep plot or enticing characters to be entertained. It's almost like Pokemon. I really don't think that the anime was intended for older audiences.

    As for the series itself, all I have seen are the few episodes in Shonen Jump. I can't really say that I like it because I get this feeling that I'm reading a little kids book. But like I said, it is intended for younger audiences.
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    What's not too like about cards coming to 'live' thanks to the holographic technologies :P .. but then again we have the other dimension.
    and ofcourse Yu-Gi-Oh with his changing boy to adult voice (at least in the dutch version xD)

    It's sad. Really really sad and they are abusing the egyptian culture ;_;
    They should all go play some chess or something

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    I know its popular, even among a few of my classmates but I dare not get attached in fear that it may become another "Pokemon" bang.
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    Being a player of Yu-Gi-Oh! I don't watch the show period mostly because...

    1. That is NOT how you play the card game at all.
    2. The characters and story sucks

    Being a player of Yu-Gi-Oh! I don't play the games period mostly because...

    1. That is NOT how you play the card game at all. (with the exception of Eternal Duelist Soul and Worldwide Edition)
    2. The characters and story sucks

    Being a player of Yu-Gi-Oh! I play the card game mostly because...

    1. It's a game where you really have to think
    2. Unlike Magic, it's rather easy to get into and even easy to learn for people of all ages
    3. Unlike Magic, little kids carry these cards around, right? So... you take advantage of them and make stupid trades for great cards.
    4. Unlike Pokemon, these cards are actually organized so that they are collectable.
    5. This game requires a lot of money, skill, and effort to make a good deck. Other than that, it's a great game.

    Okay... enough defending the card game. XD
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    Well, if you think it's so stupid, why bother making a thread about it? o_0 I dislike about 80% of the anime that I've seen, and THAT is a lot. You won't find me posting 200 threads saying how much each one of them suck, would you?

    aka. megalomania >=D

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    well sorry floks

    hey yo!!
    people its just a cartoon use your imaginations for crying out loud.
    i actually thought that the idea of the cards coming to life and yu-gi's split personality was kinda cool but then again i agree about the story line to a certain extent because it is a little catching to me but it does get silly.

    but thats what cartoons are for...

    to make us laugh

    to make us forget the world

    make us forget our problems and pain.

    don't blame the guy who made yu-gi-oh, he/she was doing there job...

    trying to make us laugh


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    As George W. Bush once said, Yu-Gi-Oh! is all about "strategery".

    That's why I like it. It involves a lot of strategy.

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    hey stop dissing BAYBLADES! lol just a joke, how on earth they keep those damn spin-y things going for about the whole show i don't know. Anyways, this thread is about Yu-Gi-OH! right? K den. My little sister watches it everyday religiously, and if she so much as misses one show, she goes on ANGRY mode. she has all these cards and toy things....and heck does she spend every penny on them. it's just a crappy kiddies anime that really should be banned for the scary monsters....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animal View Post
    What's your thoughts on Yu Gi Oh? Personally, "I think it was the stupidest anime I have ever seen... I saw the first episode", bla bla I hate Yu-Gi-Oh I'm a dipshit bla bla...
    (Yea sry for replying 15 years later but hey you post, you get replied to...)


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