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Thread: TRON: LEGACY - METROTOKYO EDITION V2.0 Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack (FLAC)

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    TRON: LEGACY - METROTOKYO EDITION V2.0 Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack (FLAC)


    This is my personal v2.0 4 disc edition of TRON: LEGACY containing Daft Punk's COMPLETE 100% LOSSLESS FILM VERSION score plus all alternates and material from the OST and Special Edition albums, bonus releases, and recording sessions. Film versions have been completely remixed for this v2.0 set using the lossless DTS-HD MA 7.1 audio from the Blu-ray, and only exist as part of this release, not in the recording sessions. The first two discs present the music in the order it appeared in the film and as film versions where tracks differed from the album releases. Discs 3 and 4 contain all of the album and sessions tracks and other odds and ends that differed from the film versions or that I didn't want to include on the first two discs. Feel free to rearrange tracks for your own listening pleasure.

    I wanted to post this for my fellow ffshriners as a thanks for all the good stuff you share. This set represents a LOT of hours of work, so I hope you enjoy it and at least say thanks or comment if you grab it.

    Please don't share this elsewhere, consider it an ffshrine exclusive. A big thank you to Scorepranos, Stygian, hack3rman, and all involved in sharing the recording sessions, without which this v2.0 set wouldn't exist.

    2-28-2013 UPDATE: V2.0 posted.

    12-9-2012 UPDATE: Stems & FYC promo upped, links are below.

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    Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack (FLAC + 320k MP3)

    DISC 01 (52:44)
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    01 - The Grid [1m1a Legacy Open - Film Version]
    02 - Father and Son Prelude [1m1b Bedtime Story]
    03 - Missing [1m2 News Report]
    04 - The Son of Flynn [1m3 Motochase - Album Version]
    05 - ENCOM Part I [1m4a Encom Tower Part 1 - Album Version]
    06 - ENCOM Part II [1m4b Encom Tower Part 2 - Album Version]
    07 - The Arcade [2m5 Sam Visits Arcade]
    08 - Recognizer [2m8 Recognizer Capture - Film Version]
    09 - Not the Games [2m9 Sam Descends to Grid]
    10 - Armory [2m10 Sirens - Album Version]
    11 - Arena [2m11 Disc Game Intro - Album Version]
    12 - Round One [2m12 First Round - Album Version]
    13 - Round Two [2m13 Sam Fights]
    14 - Rinzler [2m14 Rinzler vs Sam - Film Version]
    15 - Not Your Father [3m15 Throne Room]
    16 - Fireworks [3m16 Lightbikes Intro]
    17 - Challenge of the Grid [3m17 Clu Crowd Intro]
    18 - The Game Has Changed [3m18 Lightbikes Battle]
    19 - Outlands [3m19 Quorra Saves Sam - Album Version]
    20 - Father and Son [3m20 Safehouse Reunion - Film Version]
    21 - Your Move, Flynn [3m20a Clu Waits]
    22 - Adagio For TRON [4m21 Flynn's Flashback - Album Version]
    23 - Nocturne [4m22 Sam Plans Escape - Album Version]
    24 - Flynn's Dream [5m23 Quorra Decides - Film Version]
    25 - Outlands, Pt. II [5m24 Sam Seeks Zuse - RS Album Version]

    DISC 02 (57:07)
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    26 - End of Line [5m25s End of Line 5m26s Final Scheme Intro - Film Version]
    27 - Reflections [5m27 Clu Breaks In - Film Version]
    28 - Castor [5m26s Final Scheme Alt]
    29 - Derezzed [5m29s Party Crashers - Film Version]
    30 - Fall [5m30 Flynn Drops In - Film Version]
    31 - Sea of Simulation [5m32b Solar Sailer Alt - Film Version]
    32 - The Boy and Flynn are Gone [5m32d Clu Arrives Alt - Film Version]
    33 - Father and Son II [5m31 Solar Sailer Intro 6m33a Flynn's Promise - Film Version]
    34 - Footprints [6m33b Tron Tracks Flynn - Film Version]
    35 - Enjoy the Drink [6m33c Clu Sees Zuse]
    36 - Sunrise Prelude [6m34 Sunrise Prelude - Film Version]
    37 - New Course [6m35 Rectifier Arrival]
    38 - Rinzler II [6m36 Quorra Caught]
    39 - Rare Bird [6m37 Clu Prepares 6m38 Quorra Meets Clu - Film Version]
    40 - Rectifier [6m39 Clu Speech - Album Version]
    41 - Disc Wars [6m40 Recovering the Disc - Film Version]
    42 - C.L.U. [7m41 Lightjets - Film Version]
    43 - TRON [7m42 Clu Tron Fall]
    44 - Arrival [7m43 Portal Arrival - Album Version]
    45 - Flynn Lives [7m44 Portal Climax]
    46 - Alan Bradley's Message [7m45 Flynn Lives]
    47 - Sunrise [7m46 First Sunrise - Film Version]
    48 - TRON Legacy (End Titles) [10m51 Legacy Theme - Film Version]
    49 - Solar Sailer [5m32a Solar Sailer - Film Version]
    50 - Finale [10m48 Short End Credits - Film Version]

    DISC 03 (50:03)
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    51 - Overture [Album Version]
    52 - 1m1a Legacy Open [The Grid - RS Version]
    53 - The Grid [1m1a Legacy Open - Album Version]
    54 - Recognizer [2m8 Recognizer Capture - Album Version]
    55 - Rinzler [2m14 Rinzler vs Sam - Album Version]
    56 - The Game Has Changed [3m18 Lightbikes Battle - Album Version]
    57 - 3m20 Safehouse Reunion [Father and Son - RS Album Version]
    58 - 5m23 Quorra Decides [Flynn's Dream - RS Version]
    59 - End of Line [5m25s End of Line - Album Version]
    60 - 5m26s Final Scheme Intro
    61 - Reflections [5m27 Clu Breaks In - Album Version]
    62 - Castor [5m26s Final Scheme Alt - Album Version]
    63 - 5m29s Party Crashers [Derezzed - RS Version]
    64 - Derezzed [5m29s Party Crashers - Album Version]
    65 - 5m30 Flynn Drops In [Fall - RS Version]
    66 - Fall [5m30 Flynn Drops In - Album Version]
    67 - 5m32b Alt. Solar Sailer (Alternate) [Sea of Simulation - RS Album Version]
    68 - 5m32d Clu Arrives Alt [The Boy and Flynn are Gone - RS Version]
    69 - 5m32c Clu Arrives (Unused) [The Boy and Flynn are Gone - RS Alt Version]
    70 - 5m31 Solar Sailer Intro [RS Version]
    71 - 6m33a Flynn's Promise [RS Version]
    72 - 6m33b Tron Tracks Flynn [RS Version]
    73 - 6m34 Sunrise Prelude [RS Album Version]
    74 - 6m37 Clu Prepares [RS Version]
    75 - 6m38 Quorra Meets Clu [RS Version]

    DISC 04 (44:31)
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    76 - 6m40 Recovering the Disc [Disc Wars - RS Version]
    77 - Disc Wars [6m40 Recovering the Disc - Album Version]
    78 - C.L.U. [7m41 Lightjets - Album Version]
    79 - 7m45alt2 Flynn Lives [Alan Bradley's Message - RS Alt]
    80 - 7m46 First Sunrise [RS Version]
    81 - TRON Legacy (End Titles) [10m51 Legacy Theme - Album Version]
    82 - Solar Sailer [5m32a Solar Sailer - Album Version]
    83 - Finale [10m48 Long End Credits - Album Version]
    84 - 10m48 Short End Credits [Finale - RS Version]
    85 - The Grid [1m1a Legacy Open - Film Version Alt]
    86 - 1m1cs Creation of Tron
    87 - 2m6as Tron Scherzo
    88 - 2m6bs Tron Scherzo (Unused)
    89 - 2m6s Separate Ways
    90 - 2m7s Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
    91 - Arcade Retro [Film Version]

    Update 4-14-2015 Additional Files

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    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Read, people: Pass is my username for all files. Carry on.
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    Thank you sir. Your edits have been great, cant wait to listen. I've been following your various edits for a long time.

    Thanks again,


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    Up north eh,

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    Quote Originally Posted by 724921 View Post
    How? This is not a pressed cd, it is a blue-ray rip.

    Uh, Metro...? I hate to say it, but there is no such thing as an ffshrine exclusive. If it gets posted here, it spreads everywhere, often within hours. Many. many folks here are silent leechers....

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    Thanks. Gonna need a new keyboard, you just made me drool on the old one!
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    Thank you x a million for this, my friend.

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    have you ever done any tutorials on filtering? Would love to know how you get such good results?

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    Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. I've been loving this score since I bought it months ago. I'm really looking forward to listening to it later this week and hearing the film versions and unreleased tracks.

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    Oh! Well, I do believe I'll be taking this, thanks. Not holding my breath on Disney releasing a complete score either, so this'll do nicely.

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    With blu-ray, it is possible to save the working files in FLAC.
    The bluray audio for this movie is DTS-HD Master Audio (lossless).
    The normal specs are higher than standard CD.
    Bluray= 24bit/48khz/5.1

    However, this movie is 7.1 surround sound.
    As it currently stands, properly splitting/demuxing the 7.1 channels is very difficult and subject to user preference.
    On many forums that are dedicated to audio/video editing, it is widely discussed that there is no absolute method to get an exact copy of the original 7.1 bluray audio. Many of the decoders can do it, but different versions of the same decoder offer different results. Some good, some bad.
    To the untrained ear, no one cares.

    Once you've figured out the 7.1 channels, there's the matter of whether or not you're going to preserve the attributes of 24bit/48khz/7.1 or downgrade everything to CD compliance (for FLAC formats). MP3 conversion does it all, as per "legal" standards of mp3 ("illegal standards" can result in incompatibility with hardware/software).

    If this is from a downloaded bluray with simply DTS audio at 1.5mbps, then it is the DTS Core of the DTS-HD Master Audio track.
    And that is a lossy source to work with, even if the attributes are higher than standard CD specifications.
    I'm not sure if the core of 7.1 DTS-HDMA is 5.1, or if it's still 7.1
    If the core isn't natively 5.1 downmix, then you run into the same problem as trying to downmix from 7.1 to 5.1 yourself.
    That and the core will always be lossy.

    Props to working on this. I'd have never touched a 7.1 source.

    On a side note: Adobe Audition has recently come up with an updated version.
    It is now in the CS versions...
    It works nicely with 5.1 files.
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    Thank you so much, Metrotokyo. Can't wait to listen!!

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    This is amazing!! how much did you do to remove the sfx?! is it possible to do with 7.1 bluray sources?

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    it's now 4:16 am here, i put this on to listen to while i was falling asleep, but i've been getting into it so much ive listened to the whole thing. You rock! AWESOME job on the filtering of the SFX, on some tracks where you have definately taken it from the movie they are almost non-existent, how on earth did you get the movie version of C.L.U. so clear?!

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    AWESOME WORK! You're the best.
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    There is a password for this. Anyone know?

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    ---------- Post added at 09:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:21 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Feliznino View Post
    There is a password for this. Anyone know?
    You just need to read : "Pass is my username for both rars"

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    Fantastic Work ! ! !

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    Awesome job man! Thanks for this!

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    i'm having this ! thank you very much ! ^^

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    Thank yo, very interested to hear the result!

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    Great work. Thanks. Why hasn't anyone done this for Revenge of The Fallen? XD

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    Absolutely GREAT POST.

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    Why hasn't anyone done this for Revenge of The Fallen?
    Agreed. The movie is borderline 2 years old now, and the only thing I've come across is the shittiest DVD rip I've ever heard. It's loud and infested with SFX. It's like listening to the movie on full volume through headphones. It's awful.

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    I'm going to add World's Apart by Journey & Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics after The Arcade.

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Sessions or Complete Score
    Saw - Saw 3D Sessions or Complete Score
    Titanic Sessions or Complete Score


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