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Thread: Chris Bacon-Source Code OST(FLAC)

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    Chris Bacon-Source Code OST(FLAC)

    01. Source code main titles (02:26)
    02. You don't know me (03:05)
    03. Eight minutes (02:19)
    04. Racial profiling (02:13)
    05. Coffee will have to wait (02:15)
    06. Source code explained (03:20)
    07. Piecing it together (03:27)
    08. Am i dead? (02:40)
    09. One death is enough (02:41)
    10. Colter follows Derek (05:28)
    11. A real validation (01:40)
    12. I'm gonna save her (03:59)
    13. No more rubble today (02:36)
    14. Regret and reconciliation (03:27)
    15. Frozen moment (04:25)
    16. Everything's gonna be okay (02:51)

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    Thanks! Going to check it out....before the Rapture...
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    Has this been verified as true lossless?
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