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Thread: Bloody Roar 2 PSX Arcade songs gamerip (request)

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    Bloody Roar 2 PSX Arcade songs gamerip (request)


    After some search on this forum, I saw it has been requested several times already but without any success, so I'm trying.

    I'm searching for gamerips of Bloody Roar 2's BGMs in decent quality. Not the default 'rock' ones that you can find on Bloody Roar 3's OST, but these cool ones you can hear once you changed the sound options in the option menu.

    Somebody actually made some rip and posted them on youtube, but sadly it looks like he failed his rip and the quality is pretty horrible :

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    I think I still own the game somewhere at home (I'm in japan right now so I can't tell), but it must be in pretty bad shape anyway, so ripping it myself wouldn't give better result.

    So if somebody happen to have ripped them in nice quality, it would really help, because honestly they really suck for not having released an OST for this awesome game, while they did it for BR1 and BR3. WTF ?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Yeah someone please rip the Bloody roar II music.


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