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Thread: Music extraction/ripping...

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    Music extraction/ripping...


    Im new to this music extraction. I downloaded the vgmstream plugin for winamp, external dlls for my comp, Dolphin, and Tales of Symphonia (ToS) NTSC .iso. I extracted all of the files from the .iso.

    Now what are the file formats for audio and video that vgmstream can play? The ToS has this .h4m, i tried to play it on winamp but it didnt work....

    Someone help please?... Is there an easy guide that you can tell me?

    Thanks... and im willing to upload the rips to this site.. :] The links for this game is dead... i will upload them here :]

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    I have a Guide for you... Also - Download FormatFactory. FF is a converting program, and a very detailed one. Virus free - Tested,
    Conversion can be a pain, but at least, after the isolation process you can re-convert the audio into MP3's, and/or hundreds of others.

    I'll post the Guide in the next post.


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