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Thread: What video game companies know of the downloadable stuff here

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    What video game companies know of the downloadable stuff here

    And on Video Game Music at Galbadia Hotel and what did the companies say?

    If companies ever know please tell me, thank you.
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    i'm sure they know, as there are some which have requested their albums not be uploaded here. but the vast majority seem to be ok with it.
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    if they know, they dont care.
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    Gee thank you all for helping me out ; ) I appreciate all your help.

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    Given that this forum and Galbadia Hotel have not been sued into oblivion, I'd say that very few of the companies are aware of them specifically. There are some that might not care, like Lucasarts has been pretty cool about their soundtracks being available on other sites, at least the ones that haven't been commercially released or have Star Wars/Indiana Jones music in them. (And the reason they're less okay about the Star Wars/Indiana Jones music is that they don't own the rights to the themes from the movies.)


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