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Thread: So... what is the point of the Wyrmhero Blade anyway?

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    So... what is the point of the Wyrmhero Blade anyway?

    This might seem like an absurd question about one of the most powerful swords in the game, not to mention the fact that it grants you Bravery and Faith.

    But... here's the problem. Considering the requirements to obtain it, it would seem there is barely anything AT ALL challenging left to utilize it in. You have the final boss, and what else?

    The biggest thing is that you must get it after Yiazmat. But, considering all the pre-requirements to even be able to fight Yiazmat in the first place, so much would be out of the way that whatever little you do have left would most likely be so easy that this sword won't make a difference. Especially if you've defeated Yiazmat already.

    Thanks Neg for the banner!!

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    Clearly getting it so late in the game...

    is a mistake.

    You don't really need it anyway.

    I presume it's more for reward value/achievement value than an actual weapon you might want to use in combat.

    More like a trophy.

    Maybe if Matsuno hadn't left as director he would have realized that change needed to be made and done something about it before the game was released.

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    Ahhh Bisto!
    Wrmhero blade sucks anyway takes about 3 hours to charge lol

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    Trophy, nothing special at that point.


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