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Thread: Final Fantasy X-2 ("official" working game title) *Vomits*

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    Final Fantasy X-2 ("official" working game title) *Vomits*

    I just received an OPM mag today with screenshots from this "sequel" to the ever-popular FFX.

    In it, among other things that nauseated me, was this screenshot with Yuna sporting dual magnums like some teeny-bopper version of Lara Croft (complete with the pony-tail and smug grin).

    The only thing about it that seemed a bit of a relief to me was that Tidus was in no way referred to or mentioned in any of the information or screenshots (I know, you're thinking "What?!". But hell, he was one of the most irritating parts of the game. Besides the voice actor they chose for Yuna, who was about as good at that as I am at writing poetry.).

    Now, the reason I posted this here instead of the FFX forums was because this is a completely seperate game in spite of the title.

    For one, There did not appear to be any of the elements that I liked from FFX in it. Machina were everywhere, and the preview said that according to Square machina were about as replete in this sequel as magic was in the last one. And that magic was so minimal that you really weren't going to count on it that much.

    It bordered on being an Action/RPG/Platformer.

    And as far as that kind of thing goes, pass me the next Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain game, Gungrave or Shinobi.

    Square should leave the characters of one genre in that genre, or at least make an effort to transfer all of their abilities if they are going to make the move to another genre of game.

    Taking a character that was primarily a magic user like Yuna, and turning her into a melee/mid-range fighter is nearing obscene. That would be like taking the sword from Sephiroth and giving him a magic wand.

    Anyway, any input from anyone else that has seen/heard about this?

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    The only thing I can add is that it was said to be using the same FFX battle engine,turn based and everything dispite all of the new looks,and also introduces two new characters ,all of this seen at TGS.........however,I'll never understand why they would take Yuna and make her such a completely different character........

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    This is Square's attempt to not break the tradition of what it has done for the last 10 games. This time, this game will link up to an old final fantasy game (Break that Link) BUT.... it will be completely different in terms of gameplay. Nice and good.

    Anyways, even if it has Yuna being something else other than what she was (which I still think is good.). Not playing Final Fantasy X-2 is almost like saying that Britney Spears is not as sexy as all the other Women in the movie business... you would still be glad to take her out. :P
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    We already have a thread discussing Final Fantasy X-2, so please make any further post on this subject in the other thread.

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