Welcome to General Gaming, the largest and most active (non-music) subforum here at Shrine! It is here you can work towards such lofty goals as creating meaning through rigorous discussion with your fellow gamers or simply ask for their help on your various digital journeys. At the moment, discussion of games traditionally defined as RPGs should be directed to the [Hidden link. Register to see links.], but all other gaming conversation not directly relating to Final Fantasy games can find a home right here~

Competitive/Cooperative Gaming Networking

You can find friends and foes in the following threads:

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Notable Threads

These threads will change over time, but in general they are a-ok to bump no matter how far down the list they have gotten. In general, posting in the threads on the first page of the forum is a good rule of thumb. If a thread is buried under several pages of newer threads it is just fine to start a new thread on the topic you’re interested in discussing. However, if your response is substantive, we will generally be lenient on the bumping of a given thread.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--please, let us know
[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--You can share your gaming collection with us in this thread.
[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--This thread will hopefully become a mainstay in which we discuss favorite games by console.
[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--List your favorite games regardless of console of origin.
[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--The flip side of the coin. What games make you

Spoiler Policy

Due to the infinite number of games being discussed herein, we cannot enforce a strict Spoiler policy. Because of this we ask members to use their best judgment in spoiler tagging. If a game is a recent release, please consider this carefully.

Spoiler tags can be constructed using the following code:
[.SPOILER]TEXT[./SPOILER] w/o the periods.
Forum Etiquette

General Gaming is not General Discussion and will not be moderated in the same manner, as such. In general, please limit insults and criticisms to game characters and problems with games in and of themselves. Do your best to refrain from entering into flame wars with your fellow shriners.

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