Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with much love that we are welcoming you to the newly rechristened and focused Final Fantasy XIII forum, here at Shrine! Or, welcoming you back! If you’ve been around, you’ve noticed the changes we have been working to bring about, and this will simply serve as an official statement of those changes, as well as an introduction to all the new faces this game will hopefully bring us

XIII was released this past March (that’s 2010 for you future Shriners) to mixed reviews and has had a very widely disparate reception among fans. Here at Shrine, things are no different, with opinions across the entire spectrum being represented by various members. XIII is rated T for Teen due to Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, and Violence.

With a mostly revamped battle system reminiscent of X-2, and an almost painfully linear storyline, XIII weaves the tale of a world living in fear of that which it barely knows. Still feeling the lingering effects of the long-past War of Transgression, Cocoon--as it name accurately denotes--lives a sheltered existence away from the perceived--and real--horrors of the world below, Pulse. The lives of 6 people are turned upside down as their loved ones, and ultimately themselves are branded as Pulse l’Cie, and forced to become fugitives of the society which once embraced them. Will they find out what their mission as l’Cie is (only to be rewarded with a crystal sleep), before they become monsters known as Cie’th? Will they become enemies of their home and everyone they know? Well, that’s up to you!

Notable Threads

These threads will change over time, but in general they are a-ok to bump no matter how far down the list they have gotten. In general, posting in the threads on the first page of the forum is a good rule of thumb. If a thread is buried under several pages of newer threads it is just fine to start a new thread on the topic you’re interested in discussing. However, if your response is substantive, we will generally be lenient on the bumping of a given thread.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--This is a great place to discuss both characters that you hated and loved.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--Here, the relationships between the characters can be discussed. This can include unavoidable chats about sexuality and shipping. Inappropriate images will be spoiler tagged if the poster is not conscientious enough to do it of their own accord.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--This thread can be used to discuss your battle strategies and the characters that you use in your party.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--This is just in its infancy, but these threads have become popular, long-running forms of entertainment here at Shrine and I’m sure this one’ll be no different!

[Hidden link. Register to see links.]--This is the thread in which to discuss your feelings on how the game concludes itself. This place is completely open to spoilers and brings up the next important topic we need to discuss here: Spoilers.


This is the first entry in the main Final Fantasy lineage to appear on the current generation of consoles and will no doubt be used by more than a few as the catalyst for finally joining said generation. Due to this, the spoiler rules will remain in effect longer than usual to accommodate this. Another popular forum keeps such rules in effect for several months following the release of a game. Accordingly:

Until September 1st spoilers from Chapters 7-13 will be tagged.

To allow for holiday shopping patterns:

Until January 1st, 2011 spoilers from Chapters 9-13 will be tagged

Spoiler Chart:

Spoiler tags can be constructed using the following code:
[.SPOILER]TEXT[./SPOILER] w/o the periods.
As a manner of closing, we would like to reiterate that the release of new entries in the main lineage of Final Fantasy is one of the main ways that we get new members. One would do well to remember that. Criticisms of the game or its characters, plot, pacing, etc., are fine, and welcomed whole-heartedly. However, posts attacking members will not be tolerated and will be deleted or dealt with in a manner consistent with the policies and rules of this site.

Questions about forum maintenance can be directed to Agent0042. All plot related questions and feedback regarding this charter, however, should be directed to Neg, via PM.

Enjoy your stay at Shrine and in the XIII forum!