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Thread: Red Dwarf: Two New Series In 2011

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    Talking Red Dwarf: Two New Series In 2011

    Craig Charles on his BBC radio show has spoke of two new series of Red Dwarf [specifically X and XI] to commence filming in January 2011.

    - Sound Clip: [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Also comments have been made by both Chris Barrie and Robert Llywellyn:

    - Barrie Interview: [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    - Llwellyn Twitter: [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    It took longer than planned, but Dave have got their wish after the record audiences of Back to Earth [now in canon as Series IX]. Smeg yes!

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    :O No way!
    they had better record these in front of an audience last time; I think the Back to Earth episodes lacked a little atmosphere with no laughter... But it should be good Red Dwarf for the win! Thanks for the links

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    The new episodes could be complete shite and I wouldn't care - will just be great to see them back together again.....and please, not in front of an audience!!!!!


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