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Thread: anyone know how to rip music from myspace

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    Unhappy anyone know how to rip music from myspace

    Is there a program where i can get a music from my space. I try using audacity but from some reason, its getting sounds that not from my laptop (like the when the tv is on). I really want this song and I can't find it anywhere else. Please help me

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    Maybe you could tell us what song you are looking for?

    You could try 'free musiczilla'........ I've used it before..... but I can't remember why I don't use it now....

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    If it's getting other sounds, it's probably recording from your microphone. There's a little drop-down menu in the top panel where you can select the source to record from. I don't know what it would say for your sound card. I have a Creative card and the option that I have to pick is "What U Hear".

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    I realize I'm a week late to the convo...

    Depending on the version of Windows [assuming you're using Windows of course...] and Audacity you're using it should be fairly straight-forward. Though I will admit, I'm having a bit of issue with Audacity's 1.3 beta [on Win7].

    I remember using Audacity 1.2 on my previous computer [WinXP] and there was a selector drop-down next to the level controllers with your source selector. For some odd reason, they got rid of it for the 1.3 release. Now you have to go through the preferences [in the edit menu] and then go to the "devices" tab. In the "recording Devices" box, there's another 2 drop-downs, one with a list of available devices [Microphone, Line-In, Stereo Mix*, Etc.] and another the choose the "Number of channels" to record.

    *If you're using Win7, "Stereo Mix" doesn't show up right away. To use it [which you'll need to record from MySpace, and the like...], right click your volume icon, and click "Recording Devices". From there, right click inside the box of choices, and select "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices". Once "Stereo Mix" shows up, Right-Click it, and select "Disable", which should remove the check mark, enabling you to use "Stereo Mix"
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    Many people would like to use Audacity to [Hidden link. Register to see links.] because it is free and has many audio editing functions. If you are on Windows, other related audio recording programs would also help you well. Perhaps you could search for some streaming audio recorder, windows audio recorder, soundforge, audio capture and so on.


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