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Thread: Who is using what weapon?

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    Who is using what weapon?

    Reading this section, it seems people really like to leave characters with the weapons they have, or not really change them around a lot. I guess its something unique I do.

    Vaan's been using staffs, Balthier has been using guns, Fran has been using sword & shield, Basch has spears, Ashe is my bow user, and Penelo just switched to katanas...

    Anyone else?

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    I typically keep the main weapons to each character and not really switch things up. That's just my playstyle. But FFXII takes such liberties to break the tradition of focused job classes and allows each character a fair chance at whatever is available, and it can get to be a pretty fun system to play around with. It sort of reminds me of FFII's combat system, only a more refined variant. I like your choice in weapon assignment

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    For this run/review that I'm doing:

    - Vaan is using Katanas
    - Balthier is using Guns
    - Fran is using Bows
    - Basch is using Hammers and Spears
    - Ashe is using Rods
    - Penelo is using Poles... but I might switch her to measures soon.

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    may i join?
    Vaan - katanas
    Balthier - Guns but switch to spears sometiems
    Fran - Bows
    Basch - Axe/Hammer
    Ashe - Swords
    Penelo - Staff

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    Ummm...I only use 3 characters, so the other 3 are currently unequipped of everything (weapons, armor, accessories, and gambits). Anyway, I have my guys set up with:

    Basch - Zodiac Spear
    Ashe - Deathbringer/Shell Shield (I just started working on the Tournesol for her)
    Penelo - Ultima Blade

    I use Penelo to run around with because the Ultima Blade just looks awesome. I might switch it out for the Excalibur later, but only if I get tired of staring at the beauty of the Ultima Blade.
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    Ahhh Bisto!
    I equip all my characters with great swords

    Vaan - Ultima Blade
    Ashe - Excaliber
    Penelo - Ultima Blade (Yeah i have 2 XD)
    Basch - Tornesol
    Fran - Wyrmhero Blade
    Balthier - Ragnarok

    The thing that annoys me is by the time you collect all the rare weapons there's no more enemys to kill, well, no more boss type enemys anyway and killing the normal respawn monsters sucks.

    They should have give you like 5 more boss's to kill after you collect at least one of every weapon.

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    I thought I might give an update. Well, I got my Tournesol and Excalibur. I don't use the Excalibur, though. I remembered why I didn't like it in the first place: you will be having fun killing stuff, then randomly come across a guy who absorbs Holy and have to change your weapon. Anyway, Tournesol before Giruvegan = a damn good feeling and makes the rest of the game even easier than it already would have been.

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    I make each character use a long range and a close range weapon.

    Vaan- I give him spears and poles, and he uses a bow and arrow.
    Ashe- I giver her Spears and poles as well, but for long range weapon I give her bombs.
    Basch- I give him swords and Hammers, for long range weapon a bow.
    Balthier- I give him poles, guns and bombs.
    Penelo- Usually just give her a crossbow, staff and daggers.
    Fran- Bow and arrows.

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    i just use the strongest weapons... especially swords or spears.

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    I like to have every character use a different type of weapon, and I like to make them have roles that seem like they wouldn't fit their personality xP

    Vaan - Katana (slightly offensive white mage)
    Fran - Sword (rougue/thief)
    Ashe - Tournesol (tank fighter)
    Basche - Rod (white mage)
    Penelo - Zodiac Spear (fast fighter - she has the cat-ear hood :3)
    Balthier - Staff (black mage), but soon to change because I'm gonna redo his set up soon.

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    Vaan - sword
    Fran - bow
    Ashe - sword
    Basche - axe
    Penelo - rod
    Balthier - gun


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