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Thread: Advice on where to skill up....

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    Advice on where to skill up....


    Due to the updates of the last year, soloing has been made a lot easier now via Campaign Battles (Brought in with the Wings of the Goddess Expansion) and Fields of Valor. Technically with Fields of Valor (FoV) one could go from level 1 to 75, albeit it would take some time.

    However, on to the reason for this post. I have leveled multiple jobs via FoV, and have found that my weapon skill level for certain jobs/weapons is under level. For example my Samurai is level 62, yet Great Katana skill rating is 192.

    I know that certain jobs, like Dark Knight for example, can skill up a range of weapons (Daggers, club, sword, g.sword, axe, g.axe etc), but for weapons like Hand to Hand or Great Katana, I'm out of luck there unless I level the job which uses those weapons.

    I'm looking for areas I can go as 60-62 leveled job, to work on leveling up the weapons which aren't 'up to par'. Any suggestions?

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    If you haven't already solved this....

    Previously, ffxi-atlas's bestiary had a feature to tell you where to skill up if you plugged in your level and skill level, but since that site is compromised with tons of viruses (at least last I knew of), you can use FFXI Skill Calculator to see what level your g. katana skill places you at. I'm bored and feeling nice, so I'll look into it for you...

    you're not that sorely underleveled, actually. at 58 the cap is 193 and at 62 it is 212. So go somewhere where you're fighting mobs that are levels 63-68 or so, the high level beastmen in davoi, oztroja, or beaudeax (w/e it's called) are the right levels. I think that might be too tough to solo but I know that at least high level SAM/DNC can do crazy things. If you're not having too much issues hitting personally I wouldn't worry about it.

    Mobs can only give skillups if they're level is higher than your skills, so you could fight level 59s until you hit 198, 60s until you hit 203, 61s until you hit 207, and 62s until you max it out at 212 but that might be slow going. Use ffxiencyclopedia to find mob levels.

    hope that helps


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