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Thread: FFX & FF X-2 roleplay?

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    FFX & FF X-2 roleplay?

    Ah, I'm kinda new here. But anyone would like to roleplay? (:
    FFX & FFX-2 only.

    - Looking for anyone besides Rikku.
    - Memories are nice, but that's all they are.

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    X-2 Zanarkand's music sounded like a porn score. High-class porn music, but porn music nonetheless. I couldn't keep a straight face in Zanarkand. I kept giggling.

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    Lulu without that baka wakka.... she could have chosen Yuna instead, making Rikku go for Tidus and eventually Payne with Wakka (works better than the official version)

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    This thread hasn't been active in two years. Look at the date of the last post prior to posting a response. If it's a dead thread, like this one, don't post in it. If however it is a topic you'd like to discuss, create a new thread instead.

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