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Thread: Reminder: Proper Use of the "Report" Function

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    Reminder: Proper Use of the "Report" Function

    On each post is an option to report it to the moderator. This is generally not ideal because it only sends us an e-mail and many of us often actually check this site first before we even check our e-mail. As such, please observe the following procedures:

    - If somebody has posted something that is obvious spam, please copy the address of their profile and report it in this thread.
    - If somebody is behaving in a manner you feel is inappropriate, please send an e-mail to the section mod listed on this page or a forum-level admin.
    - If there is a problem with one of your posts and you need it deleted or something, do the same as above.

    If you still feel the need to use the report function, please do so, but please also follow one of the procedures outlined above. Failure to do so will likely either

    A.) Delay the processing of your problem
    B.) Report redundant information to us, since somebody else may have reported it if you didn't check using the established procedures first

    If somebody with mod status in this section could pin this, I'd appreciate it.

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    this is an apology to Sarah, I know I misused the report function this morning but it was in desperation to attempt to get some help.
    I changed my password this morning and it re-activated/kickstarted my account so now I'm actually able to USE IT!!!
    Praise be to the forum gods and please forgive me my trespass, I swear I will NOT do so again! cheers, later - merlin513

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    I recieved an email this morning that someone had unsuccessfully tried to log in to my account. Included was their IP address. To whom do I report this?

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    thank u i know it


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