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Thread: Most Disappointing Anime

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    Dragon Ball or Gal Force. Hard to decide which.
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    I don't watch much anime but to me the most disappointing was Yurikuma Arashi (such a good potential but completely messed up to me).

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    Well, I understand that Ikuhara's works are sometimes a bit too avant-garde for everyone's taste, but Yurikuma was awesome. If you didn't like Yurikuma, you should avoid Utena and Penguindrum as well, because they are very much like it. They are both directed by Ikuhara Kunihiko, who is my big idol... but I understand your opinion.
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    After all that hype and hate, I watched SAO.
    I'm not on any of the sides, but "meh." was a recurring feeling.
    (The feeling that they could have done better.)

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    after watching saint seiya omega again, i had a bit of a change of heart. the one positive thing i can say is that the later fights get more physical, not just a superpower and 11 minutes of babbling unlike the original series. the fights reminded me a lot about the first saint seiya movie, when ikki fights orion jaguar. that fight is singlehandely the best fight in the entire original series. very few talking, lots of punches, and use of a special move only at the end.

    a dissapointing anime i recently watched was parasyte. the overall story was of my liking, but the fights were boring, and the ending was... bittersweet.
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    Penguindrum is great

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    Sword Art Online. Great music and animation, but unnecessary fanservice + no character development

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    The Devil May Cry anime. I felt like it had none of the style of the series. And what the hell is cool about liking strawberry sundaes. Real badass...

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    Quote Originally Posted by reelsey View Post
    The Devil May Cry anime. I felt like it had none of the style of the series. And what the hell is cool about liking strawberry sundaes. Real badass...
    The sundaes I can forgive. Character quirks give life to a world. The anime had a few decent fights, but nothing to write about.

    But the director went on to make something even worse...

    Its called Berserk (2016). It is the biggest "fuck you" ever given to people with eyes. Its not JUST bad CG. It has horrid sound design, its pacing is just awful. The camera angles are nausea-inducing. You don't even need to be a Berserk fan to hate this thing. Its literally the worst animated thing in recent history- and I am including American animation in that calculation. This series is a travesty, and I hope every one involved with this production brings it for the next season or goes blind. It would probably improve the final product.

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    Sword Art Online.

    While, in my opinion, SAO has one of the best opening episodes in all of anime, in addition to fantastic music and artwork, this show heavily wasted that potential. Characters get bad, the story gets bad, and the fanservice is appalling.

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    I got one to add here: Sailor Moon Crystal. It may be truer to the text, but being reminded of the stuff like this and not giving enough character focus to the Inner Senshi after certain plot points from the Manga is why I felt disappointed. I mean to me, the Manga version after the Inner Senshi's first appearance just gets more and more flat and don't really change much at all.
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    Index and Charlotte.

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    Quote Originally Posted by regike View Post
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Everyone always told me that I should watch it, so I did and... it was just boring. I had to force myself to the end and especially the last two episodes were totally unnecessary.
    Now I'm told that the movies are so much better than the anime but somehow I doubt that.
    Maybe I'll watch the first movie someday but I don't have high hopes for it.
    Quote Originally Posted by theone2000 View Post
    Personally, I thought Evangelion was great, but the last two episodes were way out there. The films are even more way out there. Great animation, but conceptually too bizarre. Don't bother with them if you disliked the series. The first part of the films is a composite of parts of the series along with a few new bits thrown in. And if you hate Asuka, you'll definitely not like the ending.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Legend of Zelda View Post
    I never thought I'd see people hating on NGE and Death Note lol. Evangelion is basically a legend, a mecha anime that stood apart from everything with it's deep thinking and mystery back in the 90s. And up to this day all you see is some kind of copy-cat mecha animes that pretty much try to emulate NGE in one way or another.
    Well then...
    Evangelion just SUCKS ass.
    Evangelion is highly overated and its NOT GOOD!
    People praise much for its adult content, rather for the mediocrity it is. Evangelion is Unfocused, obnoxious, which makes sense, because Hideaki himself is obnoxious with the ego the size of the next Galaxy.
    Evangelion does have a better plot, going in the background, which is never touched or rarely touched, because it is hidden with false "philosophy" and the so called "deep thinking", that is another proof of being "I am Genious! I am Genious!"
    Evangelion is also unbalanced. Doesn't know if it goes full comedy silliness, or just comedy. Then switch to drama all of sudden, unbalancing the tone of the show. You can have both drama and comedy, as long as you don't break tone of what you want to deliver. Either you make it one thing or the other.
    Main character is not likable. That whiny bitch, i kept waining to see him die.
    "dont say that. you did not had his life, you dont kow what it is to be without parents"
    Bullshit!!! I know! I as an orphan, my parents did not gave shit about me, and I did not grew up whiny bitch like Shinji. If one thing, I feel offended that character representing me.
    Evangelion better episodes are when its not TRYING HARD to be a something deep, when it fails... DEEPLY!!! It comes more of silly and stupid then something plausible and genuine.
    I only recorded on vhs, back then, the angel fights. Yeah! The only good thing in that Turd, were the fight sequences.
    Oh the movies....
    the movies... that made you was money 2 times, when you could have just an OVA release....
    "Evangelion Death and Rebirth" is probably the biggest fish hook bullshit ever done, because , you just need to see the end of evangelion, 2 episodes ignoring the last 2 episodes of the show....and even that...
    Shinji masturbating while looking at Asuka hurt in hospital..... That's disgusting and adds more the unlikable character.
    "oh you dont get it. He is complex". My ass is complex too, but its balls to walls for the sake of shock and obnoxiousity of Hideaki Anno.

    Mecha design is good and interesting but....
    you see one, you see them all. Only difference is the Head and the weapons!

    Quote Originally Posted by julayla View Post
    I got one to add here: Sailor Moon Crystal. It may be truer to the text, but being reminded of the stuff like this and not giving enough character focus to the Inner Senshi after certain plot points from the Manga is why I felt disappointed. I mean to me, the Manga version after the Inner Senshi's first appearance just gets more and more flat and don't really change much at all.
    The problem of today "pseudo otakus" is that , if it does not follow the manga , then it sucks. Major problem is, people writing the manga are not gods nor the best people ever to write anything.
    So yeah, changes will be made for better.
    Chrono Crusade manga, Rosette Brother you dont know much about him, so in the drama cds from the mangas, it was decided to give a proper characterization backstory to rosete and joshua childhood so we could understand the motif of what he does.
    Blue Seed Manga, sucks ass. And Yuzo takada admit it. Becasue he only wanted to write novel of blue seed, but since he had finished his last manga he was bound by contract with the magazine to some more manga stuff. So he did not caring about it, just putting his ideas there, and freaking mess of ideas. so on the Blue Seed Anime, he was more serious, because it was done has he had imagined for the novel. A more consistent plot with characters not thrown like from parachute that we could take time to relate, not like teh manga!

    Akira Toriyama is cheap ass famous, but he was an ass for the writers of Dragon Ball Z, because he just had no idea what do. He would tell the writers where the story should go. Goku was supposed to die for good, And Son Gohan was going to take is place in story, as it was mention since the start of the show, Gohan was more powerful then Goku. Then Akira decided Vegeta should take Goku place, so teh writers build up his characterization at certain point so we coudl actually accept him as taking Goku's place. But that was all done already and animated and released to TV and Akira decided, "No, goku stays alive". And then the show turns mediocre because of its false drama. Everyone died, so sad. ist it? Becasue they just need to call namek dragon and resurrect everyone fine. So... why am I worried about those characters? And even if they die, I will still see them in the dead world, and they reaking have martial art tournament there too, so what is the point of creating false drama, and i already know they are not dead at all?
    oh a new menace comes...
    great. some plot, too much to be handled, overpowered, everyone dies, someone beast the crap of enemy, every comes back to life. I already know the plot before the end of it. What is the FUCKING POINT OF CONTINUING IT?
    One of the writers of teh show wanted to fire himself, for being sick of indecisions of Akira Ass Toriyama, but another writer come along to peace out everything.
    So yeah. Dragon Ball Z SUCKs!! Akira Toriyama is as much overated as Evangelion. Becasue they both do not deserve in any lifetime being famous! AT ALL!!!
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    Evangelion is not really "edgy", "adult" or "deep" people who say this haven't watched far more interesting things like Fooly Cooly.

    That being said... about the ONLY thing Evangelion has going for it is the mecha designs. They are a unique concept (at the time, but has been overdone since). And the fight sequences are amazing... outside that you could scoop out all the characters and replace them with any other generic character from any anime ever... and you'd not notice a difference. They are that bland and uninteresting... and don't get me started on the Music... shoot me now... can this guy not even write anything new composition wise anymore?!

    If you didn't like the series you WILL not like the movies. Don't bother, they are NOT better. If anything some of them actually are worse and more boring than the series... and you'd think that shouldn't be possible, but it is.

    Just watch something that is actually adult. Evangelion was never meant to be adult, it was targetted at young teens of the 90s, and honestly didn't even apply or sit right with most of its audience even then. There is a lot more dislike for this series than most people would probably like to admit. Most people are too driven by their psycho sex appeal of wanting the bang the two main girls that they don't even notice how bad the series is. Or the fact that the characters themselves are narcissistic and just overall bad. Most human beings do not act like this, and I don't know WHO this was supposed to appeal to...

    Back when it first came out it seemed not so bad, given what else was also coming out in the 90's... but even then I didn't think it was "edgy", "adult" or "deep" it was never anything of the sort. And most people see it for the garbage it is. If you want to watch some amazing animation fight sequences between giant robots, great... there really isn't anything else to see here, so fast-forward through the rest, and you'll be better off. Or better yet, just DON'T watch it.
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    Ok, since we're on the controversial animu opinions trend, I gotta point something out.
    Now, I actually like Evangelion. Its messy, its dumb, but in all honesty, it has a central theme, and it sticks to it super well. That theme, however, is that life sucks, and robots don't make it better.
    So yeah, the show's kind of a drag.
    NOW, SINCE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HIDEAKI ANNO, I want to talk about his... directorial debut.
    Gunbuster is not a good show.
    First, calling it a show isn't quite fair- its a 6 episode OVA.
    But you can do a LOT with 6 episodes.
    Gunbuster doesn't.
    Gunbuster doesn't even know what the point of its own series is.
    Its main character from depressed to cheery to badass like a metronome.
    Its core mecha has no build up and there's never a proper explanation of what the fuck is going on.
    Its this bizarre mix of space opera and super mecha, and takes little advantage of either genre. You barely get time to understand the main characters, the world is never really fleshed out, all the politics is reserved for the second half, and it just makes for a really lack luster series.

    That said, if you want something that actually takes the themes of Evangelion and actually goes somewhere with it, I recommend Ping Pong: The Animation.
    Don't look up ANYTHING about it. Just go in. Blind. Its a good time.


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