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Thread: How Quickenings Steal the Show

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    Got the Black Hole concurrence 3 times once I got the hang of spamming Quickenings.

    Just gotta be quick on the buttons, espeically when Mist Charges come up.
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    The trouble is that the damage is highly random, so even if you get the high concurrences, you only occasionally do the kind of damage you think all that effort deserves.

    And sometimes, the damage you do is downright insulting!

    Plus we have to be realistic about this. If all it took to kill the super bosses, was to hit them with a Quickening chain or three, then they wouldn't be much cop, would they?
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    Mana > Quickenings.

    Perhaps it was only because I sucked at Quickening chains, but I never used them.

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    I can't think of Quickenings without thinking of Highlander II, now.

    Thanks a lot, Spoony

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    The first time I used Quickenings, I totally failed and thought "what was the point of that?" and never used them again until a few playthroughs later when I had to kill the Bomb king to get the Zodiac Spear before Phon Coast. I don't remember using them since. I hate using really cheap things like those because it makes the game less fun, and it's hard for me to know when it's worth it (it usually never is to me). I felt the same way with Aeons in FFX. I feel a lot more accomplished if I beat the boss without them, too, which I like

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevSQ View Post
    You just got very lucky. I rarely get above 8 Quickenings in a row. I suck. D:
    one time I got 14 that was lucky for me though >: I think it has to be timed right


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