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Thread: What's the most disapponting game you've ever played?

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    Most definitely Final Fantasy III, on the Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen) entertainment handheld gadget.

    Here we have a video-oriented gaming module with Roman numerals in its title, yet when I began my adventure, damned if I didn't notice our setting wasn't Rome. I mean, what kind of false advertising is this?! I fire up this video-gaming thingie, and instead of being treated to epic clashes amongst Roman soldiers in the good old days of warfare and violence, instead it's just some made-up world with airboats and giant turtles. Dafuq is this, bro?! Hopefully this company, Squaresoft, sees the error in their ways and ceases this reprehensible campaign of spreading falsehoods. You put Roman numerals in your game title, then I better be taken to a digital Roman landscape fighting to preserve the mighty Roman Empire. For shame, Squaresoft. For shame.
    The following statement is true. The previous statement is false.

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    Onion Kid
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    Superman 64. Loved the animated series as a kid... I rushed out to rent that game and was mortified at how terrible it was.

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    Planet Coaster. The game is way to simplified for me.


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