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Thread: What's the most disapponting game you've ever played?

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    The Outer Planes
    Resident Evil 5

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    Afro Samurai (ps3). That game was God-awful, in every way. It is a hack and slash, with very unimaginative controls. No health indicator at all, and it was choppy. To make it worse, the game was a straight ripoff of the first movie.

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    New Super Mario Bros. 2. It was disappointing because it recycled pretty much everything from the DS and Wii games (like the music). The final boss was disappointing as well (and the less said about the Bonus Boss at the end of the final Bonus World, the better). And the game had quite possibly one of the worst rewards for accomplishing something (in this case, it would be getting a million coins as the goal that had to be accomplished).
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    HALO 3 - After playing the first two and enjoying them I was really looking forward to this one and boy, what a disappointment. It was just bland and uninspiring to play, and the duel wielding and weapon switching pretty much annoyed me really.

    I played Half Life 2 right after completing Halo 3 and wow what a game. My disappointment towards Halo 3 grew even more after Half Life 2.

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    Castlevania 64

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    Watch Dogs :/

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    Off the top of my head: Deus Ex Invisible War, Metal Gear Solid series, Warcraft III (and just about everything released by Blizzard post Diablo II), and Age of Empires III. ZombiU dropped the ball too.

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    Onion Kid
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    No Man's Sky

    5 minutes in and no interest whatsoever.

    the hype and generation of hype is the only appeal to it.
    Everything is a cinematic and for a large portion of the game when you start, you have zero control.
    So when you get an achievement out on the field, it stops you, you lose control, and a wild animal attacks you.
    You're nearly dead before they let you play again. By that point, it's useless to do anything.
    You'll die if you move then have to spend an hour going through the screensaver mode of the game.

    Everything about the first play should easily be skipped.
    It's only meant for showcasing at the E3 show.

    There's way too many icons on the screen with no exposition so there's nothing to care about.
    Half the stuff you can't interact with, just shoot them and get basic carbon.

    For something that's been held off too long, it's quite a useless game.

    It's also severely insulting there's no "screensaver" mode where gameplay is auotmatic.

    I'd love a game that's a screensaver.
    Like the "Mountain" game.

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    'll, it must be Gal*Gun Double Peace for Vita. It is absolutely unplayable... one has to have the patience of saint's to play it... Best ~40 euros I ever threw away _- I tried to take it from quirkiness side, but no, I can't play that anymore...
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    No Man's Sky.
    Ugliest game ever created, completely different from the fake trailers.

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    Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. What a huge step down from the Genesis games. I so wanted to like it but it just did nothing for me. The franchise has never recovered in my mind. Hopefully Mania brings some of the magic back.

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    Grand Theft Auto V. I REALLY wanted to like it, but... I can list my grievances:
    1 - THE DOWNRIGHT GENOCIDAL POLICE; coming from GTA IV's bumbling fat cops to these killing machines should have been criminalized!
    2 - AI Drivers; "Oh no, a noise! I'd better become an unstoppable vehicular force to kill everything in my way!"
    3 - The Rock Station; "You wanted Danger Zone? Sorry, here's back-to-back [glitch if I ever met one] airings of Roundabout!"
    4 - Lamar Davis, aka the Single Most Annoying GTA Character I've had the misfortune of dealing with. Even Ryder & Big Smoke weren't this atrociously bad!
    5 - The Glitches in Online; "No, I don't want another car or shark-card, I want a playable game for just a few hours at least!"

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    Sonic '06. Need I say more?

    @ pufffdragon: I'm not trying to start an argument here, but what exactly is it about Halo 3 that was such a letdown in your opinion? The story? The music? The graphics?

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    Final Fantasy XIII. It was to me:

    1) One of the first games I bought with my own earned money and not an allowance.
    2) First FF I hadn't emulated. Felt happy finally giving back to Square-Enix for one of my favorite series.
    3) What the **** is this damn game.
    4) Wait no, it's over? You've got to be kidding me.

    Anyways, I will spare you the specifics and save them for a FFXIII discussion thread, but I cannot remember a bigger disappointment with a game than that one. And beyond it, I'm not a fan of what SE has been doing with the series since either. Nowadays I usually just exclude or plain forget mentioning FF among my favorites and skip the trouble of explaining.

    Now I'm not sure which I find worse, FF or Megaman. And the latter even gave me my nickname, so darn.

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    Onion Kid
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    Oct 2017
    Spiderman 3 The Game.

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    @Wobbla: What did you find wrong with AoE III? I'm a fan of that series and Civilization(well sorta...still really haven't figured out how to play Civ 3, and I've got Civ 4 as well). It would be disappointing to find out AoE is doing the same thing where after the second game they change everything up.

    My most disappointing games, well from the FF series it would be XII. I just didn't give a crap about the characters and it was just too much of a ripoff from Star Wars. Plus I didn't like the character's hair graphics either, not just the styles, but it wasn't moving right.

    Other than that, I'm not sure...oh the House of 1000 Doors hidden object game series was good, until game 3 when they messed with the storyline a little, and game 4 was pathetic.

    The first couple Haunted Hotel HOA games weren't that great either, first one had the storyline as text based, and it was too long and drawn out.

    Dark Parables was a good HOA series until Blue Tea Games quit doing it after game 7 and Eipix took over...the later games, I get the "Storyline, what storyline?" impression...even if you take it as a standalone game, they don't really try to have it make sense.
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    Onion Kid
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    For me it was Dragon Age Inquisition and Dragon Age 2. Massive let downs both them. Felt very shallow and boring...

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    Onion Kid
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    AoE III disappointed me as the box said it supported the Xbox controller, but nothing in the game did.

    (I have no idea how that would even work though.)

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    The Simpsons game. Was really looking forward to it after Hit 'N Run.

    However, the wonky camera was so bad that I couldn't play the game longer than 15 minutes.
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    I was heavily disappointed in Final Fantasy X. I did manage to play through the entire game, but boy howdy was I unimpressed.

    It's like listening to a band who's had a key member leave to start a solo career, when you loved their music up to that point. Let's say...Aerosmith after Joe Perry left in the late 70's. That shouldn't be too polarizing.

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    Onion Kid
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    Zelda: Skyward Sword's gotta be it. Goddamn it do i hate that game. It's the only Zelda I don't love, and it's just so LOW. Everything about it is bad, except for the motion control, about two themes in the soundtrack and a handful of ideas that were completely wasted in the actual execution.


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