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Thread: What is the most under-rated/under-hyped game you have loved?

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    far away sky
    project sylpheed.
    ace combat in space, simple as that.

    nobody i know knows this game even exists, and it was released on the 360
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    Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Was my favorite NES game for a long time. It all started because I borrowed the game from a friend, he just had restarted after beating it and had everything maxed out. It was going well until one of those accidents with a dirty cartridge erased everything, so I had to start over to fix it. Made me appreciate the game, discovering everything by myself.
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    Darkseed & Darkseed 2. Epic gameplay for both of them, but Darkseed 2's ending is just really horrible for me.
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    Heart of Darkness (1998). Way ahead of it's time and just a great adventure to play as a teen. It sparked my imagination, had a great soundtrack, a wonderful world to explore and even a dog to rescue. What isn't there to love? Literally, for me, the perfect game.

    How I wish I had the soundtrack.
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    Killer 7. The plot was confusing and they focused on style before gameplay, but beneath the surface, there's an intricate and deep story that blew me away.

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    The Dark Spire. It got a limited release (because Atlus), so I get why there aren't a lot of people who have played it, but it was just really good all the way around. It felt like an old-school dungeon crawler, but it had some modern conveniences, too.


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