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Thread: FF6 summons question

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    Question FF6 summons question

    How many summons are there in FF6 and where can i find them?
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    There are 27 summonable creatures in FF6, wich are the espers whose magicite you recieve.

    Starlet: Jidoor mansion in WOR.
    Kirin: Zozo, when you find Terra in WOB
    Phoenix: Star-shaped mountain range in WOR
    Unicorn: Magitek reaserch facility, WOB
    Palidor: Solitary island after Celes leaves, WOR
    Sraphim: Bought from theif in Tzen. 3000 GP WOB, 10 GO WOR
    Ifrit: Magitek reaserch facility, WOB
    Shiva: Magitek reaserch facility, WOB
    Odin: Ancient Castle (Underground between S. Figaro and Kohligen) WOR
    Manduin: Magitek reaserch facility, WOB
    Raiden: Changed fron Odin, Ancient Castle basement WOR
    Bismark: Magitek reaserch facility, WOB
    Crusader: Defeat all 8 dragons, WOR
    Ramuh: Zozo, when you find Terra, WOB
    Bahmut: Defeat Doom Gaze, WOR
    Shoat: Magitek reaserch facility, WOB
    Tritoch: Hills of Narshe, WOR
    Alexandr: Doma castle throne room, after Cyan's soul sequence
    Zone Seek: Auction house in Jidoor, 10,000 GP
    Ragnarok: Weapon shop in Narshe, WOR
    Golem: Auction house in Jidoor, 20,000 GP
    Terrato: Umaro's cave in Narshe, WOR
    Stray: Zozo, when you find Terra, WOB
    Carbunkl: Magitek reaserch facility, WOB
    Fenrir: Defeat Phunbaba, WOR
    Phantom: Magitek reaserch facility, WOB
    Siren: Zozo, when you find Terra, WOB

    To summon them, you move the controler in the magic screen up past the magis spells. An esper can only be summoned once per battle.
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    Thanks man...


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