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Thread: Is it really that good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceidwad_yr_Arfau View Post
    Not at all. I'll start again. What I am trying to say is that the parts of XII you played have a lot more merit when you take into account what happens after around Archades, and seeing those events would reveal more about the plot. XII's mandatory plot moves along pretty slowly but trust me, it is worth perseverance.
    I have two problems with this.

    First, I take issue with the claim that it is worth sitting through a boring story in order to get to interesting events at the end. No matter how you slice it, that's bad. Pacing is an important factor in any composition from any storytelling medium, and uneven pacing has always been regarded as a demerit.

    Second, my complaints with the game are not limited to its story. In fact, it's safe to say that my qualms with the plot are the least of my issues with the overall product.

    The point about the optional content is another argument altogether and the optional missions are often available from the beginning, often being sidequests which branch off from hunts or main plot events. That is where the FFX-2 paralell comes into play.
    I still fail to see a parallel, but this is not a X-2 discussion, so it's not worth pursuing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prak View Post
    Zak, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I simply can't be bothered. It just doesn't matter enough to me to try. If you're really interested in my views, feel free to PM me with specific questions about them, and I'll reply whenever the mood strikes me to do so. Anyway, I have very little to prove to most people around here, as they know me to be quite reasonable.
    Fair enough, maybe I will. I also know you to be reasonable when you want to be which is why I was interested in whatever you had to say.

    And the be quite honest, comparing FFXII and X-2 are like apples and oranges, seriously the only thing they have in common is those two words in the title.

    And since I haven't gotten around to responding to the topic itself, FFXII was alright, but I did have some issues with it. Like most people said, it's like everything that FFX isn't.
    The only thing XII and X have in common is voices, the lack of a world map, and the function of save crystals. And I guess the license board is very comparable to the sphere grid. Other than that, they're completely different.

    I kinda consider that a good thing though, but solely because of originality and nothing else, cause I wouldn't want it too much like X.

    One of the only things I liked about this game was how the boss/mark battles were actually a challenge. I like having to plan out a strategy rather than just going all-out on bosses like in most other games. There was a point in the game where the marks became like the arena monsters in X. That was fun beating them, and I think this is the only game with fights that take an hour (there are at least 7 of them).

    X, having no map, had a very linear world, with each area next to the other in a straight line, from Besaid to Zanarkand. XII, on the other hand, is just about as non-linear as you could get, for a world with no world map, it's all spread out. I like it like that, you don't have to worry about backtracking and all. But it can be confusing as to where you've been and where you haven't been.

    To those who said the sidequests are cool in this game: I wholeheartedly disagree, with the exception of marks. The sidequests do have potential to be good with the setting this game is in, granted, but the rewards for them are shitty because by the time you complete them, you've already got the reward. And sometimes there are sidequests that are very long-winded and all you get in the end is two ethers. Few are worthwhile, though, such as the marks.

    XII had a new system with chests, which, though was original enough to impress me, also pissed me off. It was a good try, but they should go back to having fixed items in chests. Some items, like the Zodiac Spear, are IMPOSSIBLE to get without a guide, unless you're lucky with judgment or just plain lucky.

    And the Espers! Did anyone else think they all kinda looked the same, just like huge mechanical things with different shaped halos, I've been playing for a while and I still haven't gotten used to them enough to identify most of them by looks. Our old summon-friends became ships. Lame. I hope they bring them back.

    The story sucked hard IMO. It just wasn't very fun to follow like the other ones, even X. It didn't really weave much of a plot, and there were some points where it got too boring for me to even care. I wasn't really eager at all ever to find out what happens next in the story, I just wanted to see the whole game. It's not like the other games where I was eager to know what lies ahead, or would jump at the plot twists and revelations.

    The battle system and gameplay were fun and addicting, though.

    I was disappointed though at how the reward for completing the sky pirate's den we worked so hard on is just a piece of loot nor part of any recipe and sold for 1 gil and having no function at all. I was hoping for a weapon. Oh well.

    That's my two cents... I still reccommend playing and continuing it, despite the negative parts of what I said.

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    I think FFXII was great. I actually liked it much better than FFX and FFX-2 put together . Imo it's the best Final Fantasy on the PS2 yet. What I liked about this one alittle better than the Xs was that it was more challenging (the battles).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tifa Rinoa View Post
    What I liked about this one alittle better than the Xs was that it was more challenging (the battles).
    Yeah that was really a downside of X. I always found the battles pretty easy (espiecially the ones along the storyline). Im just starting the new file on the game now. I dont suppose anyones got any quick tips for the start of the game like "level up to a certain level" or "dont miss this chest" ??

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    Prak seems to think the same about XII as I do for FFX.

    Although both games are flawed, people can still enjoy the games despite the these shortcomings.

    I thought FF X's story and gameplay were boring. Like Prak thinks the same about FFXII.

    At this point, no matter what the facts are about the games' flaws, in the end it is just a matter of taste and personal expectations.

    And Prak, I thought we already talked about those "outdated" gameplay styles.

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    I think XII is fantastic, despite the notable lack of character development. Consider the scope. The sheer vastness of the world. When running around in some of the overworld areas, such as the Sandsea ruins, you can really get the sense that you're on another world, and that is something other FFs have failed to realise, imho. I love FFs, but this one has epic jawdropping graphics. So it's entirely understandable why some people care little for it's depth or shallow/stiff characterisations.
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    The game is great especially the gameplay. Gil is a problem though.

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    thinking of getting this. between this and another game cant choose. is it worth getting?
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    The gameplay is good, but if you play Final Fantasy solely for the storyline you're not going to like it.

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    One of the best battle systems; one of the more lacking stories.

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    I loved the battle system, I loved the story, I loved the characters.. I found that FFXII had every day a new challenge to bring.. Though I also liked X, I have a "special bond" with FFXII, the music, the places, the graphics.. It's just epic.. I totally agree with Malphregor

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    My opinion is kinda divided when it comes to FF XII... You know I'm a huge fan of the old battle systems: you know, turn based and stuff. So maybe Im a little biased on this topic, but even though I found it to be pleasant.

    I liked the story of the game not because it developed the characters or anything of the sort, that's maybe one of it's weak points. But the thing I love is the fact that the story revolves basically around a War between two nations, and I always like that kind of stories, but that may be just me.
    Also I found some specific characters to be amazing, as well as some others I'd kill with my own hands if I could... And the ones I liked are not especially main characters or anything, take for example one of my favourite characters was Azelas (Vossler), dunno specifically why, I just liked him, the way he was made, it was nothing in particular. The main character Vaan is kinda lame, in fact, I really doubt he is the main character to start with, he's just the character you start with. Ashe and Balthier make some really good characters too, while Penelo for example, I'd kill her as painfully as I could to make her suffer, GOD I hated that character.

    Overall, I think it's a nice game to play, not a masterpiece or anything, but surely worth the while, I recommend playing it.

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    To me, it was such an atmospheric, amazing world to live in for a while that I really didn't want to come out again. I still feel that way about the art direction and Sakimoto score. Looking back, I can see why people might say the story was boring -- I just was so enthralled with the production design and running around the environments looking at everything that I was basically not focused on the story. I still think some of the locations in this game are the best looking, most mysterious, cool places you could ever visit on a PS2. If it weren't for the resolution, I think it looks more like a PS3 game.

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    I really liked XII. I thought the world was very vibrant and alive. I also enjoyed the seamless transition from exploration to battle; it was a nice change of pace for the series.

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    This game is one of my favorite Final Fantasy! Great game^_^

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    I found the story incredibly forgettable and dull, but I lost so many hours just wandering around in the world. It really is immersive and beautiful.


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