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Thread: Best/Worst Dubs

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    Midori no Hibi - The voices are perfect for every character.
    Saishū Heiki Kanojo: Another Love Song - Mizuki's voice is strong and beautiful but it doesn't sound like a lesbian, perfect.


    Bishōjo Senshi Sailormoon - Thanks to DIC (english dub) a lot of people hate the anime.
    Ojamajo Doremi - They talk like dwarves or something similar, I have to watch it in other language (except english).
    Papa to Kiss in the Dark - Mira's voice is annoying but his "Oh, mmmh!" sounds so real and gay that everyone can forgive the voice actor...
    Tokyo Mew Mew - The only voice that I liked is Lettuce's, I can't stand Ichigo: terrible character, terrbile voice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blobman000 View Post
    I couldn't stand the Azumanga Daioh dub.
    For some reason, I couldn't find a good sub either, so I just stopped watching it.
    What's wrong with the official one? I prefer the manga anyway. I don't hate all the voices, but Osaka's and Chiyo's drive me batty. I do love Yukari, though. And Nyamo. But I love both Luci and Monica, so that's that. The Sailor Moon and InuYasha dubs are pretty terrible (although I do like Richard Ian Cox). I'm also not a huge fan of the Please Twins dub.

    Best, I'd say Fullmetal Alchemist (although not a big Al fan in either one. Kinda want to punch both of them when they whine 'BROOOOOTHER') or Fruits Basket. I don't like the way they translated some things, but the voices are genius. Kenshin wasn't too shabby either.
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    I've found I tend to really dislike dubs if I heard the Japanese version first. Cowboy Bebop was def good. DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, and other Toonami shows weren't bad at the time. Just about everything I've heard after I originally watched subs I've hated. Steins;Gate comes to mind.

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    Digimon: Data Squad (Well, only the Digivolution music)


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    Worst english dubs for me are Rockman (yeuch), Digimon Frontier and usagi in Sailor Moon.
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    Off the top of my head


    Gundam Seed
    Full Metal Alchemist


    Blue Water dubs

    Gundam Zeta
    Dragon Ball
    Dragon Ball GT with it's bad transition from Ocean Dragon ball Z to Blue Water Dragon Ball GT


    So many I can't remember since it's been years.

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    Some of the best are:
    - Cowboy Bebop
    - Death Note (L's voice is better than in japanese)
    - Full Metal Alchemist (way better than the japanese)
    - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Kyon is voiced by Crispin Freeman! Fav voice actor!)
    - Howl's Moving Castle (love Howl's voice especially)

    - Laputa Castle in the Sky (I can't stand Pazu's voice! He's supposed to be a kid not a grown man!!).
    Also I can't stand pretty much all of the Ghibli dubs, none of the voices fit the characters.
    - Elfen Lied is horrid too
    - Naruto (except Itachi, 'cause he's voiced by Crispin Freeman! Fav voice actor!)
    Also Millennium Actress, Steins Gate, Origin: Spirits of the Past (the whole anime was pretty crap anyway), Great Teacher Onizuka...

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    Best: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Worst: Street Fighter II V

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    Best I would think is HellsingOVA and the worst is Lucky Star . . .

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    The one I always found the worst was Macross II. I love all things Macross/Robotech and when it came out lo so many years ago, I was so excited. As I was watching it, I started to wonder if they grabbed people off the street to record the dialogue b/c that voice acting was rough!
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