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Thread: Favorite Scene

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    damn those cloud fanboys, can i remind u, 10% of a sephiroth combined with jenova cells doesnt make a sephiroth. Sephiroth owned cloud in nibelhiem (watch last order) and kadaj in sephiroth form couldve killed him.
    In blu ray version it becomes even more apparent as he picks him up with the masamune.
    A better question for everyone is, if sephiroth would get angry and stop messing around do u think the battle wouldve ended differently? infact, ANY of the battles?
    The only time u see him angry is after cloud (like the weak person he is) Stabs sephiroth in the back.
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    I want Prak back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasyPlayer07 View Post
    i am big on Cloud but the fight scene with Tifa and Loz in the church was pretty intense.

    mostly i liked when Cloud fought Kadaj/Sephiroth at the end
    I'll have to go with the Tifa Vs Loz scene, as it's the best fight in the entire film in my opinion.

    Also that nice little touch at the end of the Advent Children Complete fight with Sephiroth. I was horrorfied :P Really wasnt expecting that.


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