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Thread: Crackdown Soundtrack?

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    Crackdown Soundtrack?

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has found any links, or ripped,
    the score/soundtrack (composed and licensed music) used in the game. I particularly like the menu music. I've searched the forums and the net but have had no luck. Thanks.

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    I've been trying to get my hands on that Album too but no such luck.
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    yeah same here.

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    couldn't find it

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    Me too looking for it? any luck yet ?

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    Onion Kid
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    At one point I just sat down, plugged my 360 audio into my computer, went to the games jukebox, opened up soundforge and went nuts.

    nine hours later I think I had the first 1/3 of the game ripped and labeled. It's on my other computer though, 27 miles from here.

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    Hey i am specifically looking for djkrush, omtheory and other instrumental bands tracks.
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    I am just looking for the main title theme for the game. It shouldn't be that hard to record it but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ok, whenever I get back to my other connection(upload is far too slow here) I'll upload what I did finish, I can't vouch for the quality, as it was done in a mix of soundforge and audacity(when soundforge stopped ripping to .mp3) from an internal sound card.

    I have the quality at 192Kb/s but the file size seems huge to me. Who knows.

    Regardless, if it's well recieved I'll try and rip the rest when I get some free time.

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    ok, I grabbed one song from every artist in the 30 or so I've ripped so far and .rar'd it up, currently uploading to rapidshare.

    the songs included in my "sampler" are:
    Afraid This Time- Celldweller
    Barrier Break- Dieselboy
    Higher Than a Skyscraper- Hybrid
    Internal Intrigue- Julian Beeston
    MonoChrom Juno- Albrect Kunze
    The Headphonist (Gil Vocal)- Kinky
    TV Wanna Be- Korn+Flake
    Yes For An Answer- The Drawbacks
    Bad Em- OmTheory
    Evel Knievel- A1 People
    In Disguise- Curve
    Mission- Amon Tobin
    Rule the World- Atlus Plug
    To The Line- Daniel Lenz Psykohed
    Wild Chilies- Deadly Avenger

    I think the songs sound fine but somethings wrong with my MP3 encoder, for 15 songs at 192Kb/s the size seems too big. It clocks right in at about 100 megs.

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    and here's the sampler:
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

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    is it still 100megs or did you fix it?

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    Onion Kid
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    still 100 megs.

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    ah well, good work anyways on those tracks

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    If you could upload the rest i'd give you a high five.

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    Great work here Npeaen. Your rip is very very good! It's a shame that nobody is working on a complete rip for Crackdown... I mean it's a huge work ripping 105 tracks but lots of them are quite outstanding....

    If you manage to complete all the tracks you'll sure be the hero of many people here.

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    I have one song from the game which is Lost Relevancy i found it on the web from the author.

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

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    is down,can u upload it again?

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    Crackdown Original Soundtrack

    Crackdown features over 100 tracks of electronica and sample-based music by a number of independent and video game musicians, including Amon Tobin, Atlas Plug, Celldweller and Hybrid. Music supervisor Peter Davenport was in charge of selecting the music for the game, a task that took three years to complete. Davenport was allowed to select music from any source given the premise and missions within the game, and worked with the audio leads at Realtime Worlds to shape the full soundtrack, keeping it to a "dark and ominous" vibe, rather than "super high energy".


    .:: Los Muertes ::.
    001.A1 People - No One Likes A Smartarse
    002.Control Machete - Armed Andamos
    003.Control Machete - Asi Son Mis Dias
    004.Control Machete - Bandera
    005.Control Machete - Bien, bien
    006.Control Machete - Comprendes Mendes
    007.Control Machete - Danzon
    008.Control Machete - El Genio Del Dub
    009.Control Machete - El Son Divo
    010.Control Machete - Grin-Gosano
    011.Control Machete - Mexican Curios
    012.Control Machete - Si Seņor
    013.Control Machete - Toda La Casa
    014.Kinky - Do You Like It
    015.Kinky - Exercise No. 16
    016.Kinky - More
    017.Kinky - Looking Sideways
    018.Korn + Flake - Ripe fruits
    019.Molotov - Apocalypshit
    020.Molotov - El Mundo
    021.Molotov - Here We Kum
    022.Molotov - Karmara
    023.Molotov - Molotov Cocktail Party
    024.Molotov - Nero
    025.Molotov - No Manches Mi Vida
    026.Molotov - Parasito
    027.Molotov - Polkas Palabras
    028.Molotov - Step Off
    029.Sussan Deyhim - Bade Saba (Remix)
    029a.Sussan Deyhim - Daylaman
    029b.Sussan Deyhim - Negara

    .:: Shai-Gen ::.
    030.A1 People - Black Ice
    031.Absynthesis - Crawl (Instrumental Mix)
    032.Albrecht Kunze - Drowned Under Influence
    033.Atlas Plug - Around The World
    033b.Atlas Plug - Truth Be Known
    034.Daniel Lenz - Demolition Down
    035.Daniel Lenz - Accume feat. Brent Daniels
    036.Daniel Lenz - Fade feat. Brent Daniels
    037.Daniel Lenz - The Krystal
    038.Dieselboy + Kaos - Barrier Break
    039.DJ Acucrack - Freak Flag
    040.DJ Krush feat. Inden - Toki No Tabiji (Journey Of Time)
    041.DJ Krush feat. Mr. Lif - Nosferatu
    042.DJ Krush feat. Opus - Trihedron
    043.DJ Krush feat. Shin'ichi Kinoshita - Beyond Raging Waves
    044.DJ Krush feat. Tatsuki & Tobias Wilner - Decks-Athron
    045.DJ Krush feat. Tunda Ayanyem - Sonic Traveler
    046.DJ Vadim - Something To Feel (Instrumental)
    047.Hybrid feat. Peter Hook - Higher Than A Skyscraper (The Orb’s Towers Of Babel Remix)
    048.Robert Miles - Release Me (Da Lata El Duderino Remix)
    049.Robert Miles feat. Trilok Gurtu - Inductive
    050.Supercruizer - Jetstream
    051.The Drawbacks - Peligro Minus

    .:: The Agency ::.
    052.A1 People - Evel Knievel
    053.Albrecht Kunze - Monochrom Juno
    054.Amon Tobin - Mission
    055.Atlas Plug - Get Rolled On
    056.Atlas Plug - Halfway Till Bliss
    057.Atlas Plug - Rule the World
    058.Atlas Plug - The Ace, the Only
    059.Celldweller - Afraid This Time (Instrumental)
    060.Celldweller - Fadeaway (Instrumental)
    061.Celldweller - Frozen (Instrumental)
    062.Celldweller - So Sorry To Say
    063.Celldweller - The Last Firstborn
    064.Curve - Get Me Through This (Instrumental)
    064b.Curve - Get Me Through This
    065.Curve - In Disguise (Instrumental)
    065.Curve - In Disguise
    066.Daniel Lenz - Scarey Cherry
    067.Daniel Lenz - To The Line
    068.Deadly Avenger - Wild Chillies
    069.DJ Krush feat. Sunja Lee - Gokurakucho Ron (a.k.a. Paradise Bird Theory)
    070.Hybrid feat. Peter Hook - Higher Than A Skyscraper (Hybrid Twitch & Sweat Remix)
    071.Hybrid feat. Peter Hook - Higher Than A Skyscraper
    072.Julian Beeston - Internal Intrigue
    073.Kinky - The Headphonist (Gil Vocal)
    073b.Kinky - The Headphonist
    074.Korn+Flake - TV Wanna Be
    075.OmTheory - Bad Em
    076.OmTheory - Lost Relevancy
    077.OmTheory - Slickster
    078.The Drawbacks - Yes For An Answer

    .:: The Volk ::.
    079.A1 People - Rhythm Machine
    080.Amon Tobin - El Wraith
    081.Amon Tobin - Escape
    082.Amon Tobin - Rosies
    083.Amon Tobin - Sultan Drops
    084.Aphrodite - Boomtown
    085.Aphrodite - Calcutta
    086.Auto Aggression - IIR Filter 3
    087.Auto Aggression - Tempel 3
    088.Cujo - Paris Streatham
    089.Dismantled - Breed To Death (Klan Feed Antkow Remix)
    090.Dismantled - The Swarm (Daedal Remix)
    091.DJ Zinc - Voodoo
    092.FC Kahuna - Glitterball
    093.Flesh Field - Uprising
    094.Freak XXI - P.I.N.
    095.Julian Beeston - Android Rock
    096.Kultur Shock - Alma
    097.Mind in a Box - Questions (Scorch Mix)
    098.Shiznaptic - Dead Inside
    099.Shiznaptic - The Cell
    100.Stromkern - Can’t Believe
    101.Stromkern - Slow Cascade
    102.Toby Mac - Extreme Days
    103.Toby Mac - Get This Party Started
    104.Toby Mac - Momentum
    105.Toby Mac - Yours
    106.Toby Mac - Yours (Savage Remix)
    107.Toby Mac - Yours (Linney Remix)


    Part I [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Part II [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Remember Agent, skills... :-)
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    Links updated. Enjoy!

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    Nobody for update the link please ?
    Searching for this for a long long time


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