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Thread: What are you currently gaming?

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    DKC Tropical Freeze

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    Back to DMC 4 Special Edition. So many things to do there!

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    I tried playing AoE III earlier, but I don't like the new format, so I went back to AoE II.
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    So, the thing is-is, I went ahead and decided to try a video-based game today. I have to say, it was not what I'd anticipated - not in the least.

    To get the ball rolling, no pun intended (see what I did there? Ball? Rolling? Wasn't my pun hilarious? I wasn't even trying to exude such hilarity; guess I'm just that far superior to you in higher mental capacity), I salvaged the back cupboards of my granddad's higher storage space (what you millennials may refer to as an 'attic') and discovered, to my utter shock, several plastic cartridges - the same sort of thing you people (not used racistly) would play on your Playable Station ver. 3.0! Or 4.0, as I've heard the latest iteration is called. At any rate, I decided to try to utilize this video-based game hardware, and see what all the fuss was over.

    To my shock and outright jubilation, I tapped into the secrets of this elusive technology using a rectangular machine manufactured by Nintendo, a toy company from at least 10 years ago. They'd managed to perfect the art of causing imagery to appear on my Emerson television set - in colour! That was the most profound aspect. Soon enough, I discovered that the imagery on my Emerson television set actually changed depending on which video-based game thingamajigger I slotted into the opening! So, thinking whimsically, I nabbed a rectangular game juggamawollit with the words, "Super Mario Bros." into my Nintendo-based machine. Would this thing redefine ionic bonding? Molecularise my house? Reinvent penicillin? The answer was quite unclear, as characters defined in a series of squares, appeared across my screen.

    Violence ensued.

    I seized control of the bloke in what I presumed was a red hat and blue trousers, manipulated him into moving along the screen toward the far right (sort of sounds like I became a republican propaganda machine, amirite?) until he met his horrifying doom as a brown character touched him. He barely even lashed a fist, and my red-hatted white male was dead. This, to me, has to be symbolic of something deeper in our own society. That brown people are bad? That red-hatted white men are good? I think the answer is clear; YES.

    I walked away from this highly eye-opening video-based gaming experience a better man for it, a more careful citizen, and a far more woke member of this planet's societal range. I hope you will, too.
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