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Thread: what is cid in XIII

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    Whoops I knew I screwed something up somewhere sorry about that.
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    he should be a moogle !!!

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    LOL, wouldn't it be fun to have Cid be a moogle? Oh, I know --- maybe he could be a chocobo. "Here Cid! Come on, gallop on over Cid, we're going for a ride! That's a good Cid! Come on, fly now!"

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    I'd find it funny if he ended up being a transgendered character whose sexuality is constantly questioned throughout the game.
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    I definitely have no idea about whats going on in here.

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    That's the awesomest troll post from Agent I think I've ever read. GG bro, wherever you are. 10 years too late, but better late than never, I hope. Miss you tons.
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    Oh, now i get it...

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