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Thread: Classical Music

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    I tend to find classical music way too structured for my taste most of the time and by that I mean I am not fond of the certain laws each composer has to follow to create their piece. This is of course evident in almost all genres of music but in classical it's effect is most notable.
    Rules? What rules? You mean music theory? Screw it, good composers (in my opinion) don't write by rules unless there's a good reason for them (like parallel fifths in choral music for example). To paraphrase the great Claude Debussy, in English, and with gratuitous swearing: "F*ck theory, I write what sounds good, goddamnit."

    In any case, I enjoy pretty much any composer's work. My favourite songs at the moment are (in no particular order):

    1. Bacchanale (Saint-Saens)
    2. Death and the Maiden (Quartet no. 14, Schubert)
    3. On the Nature of Daylight (Max Richter, still alive and kicking)
    4. Orbis (Joe Hisaishi - yes, he counts)
    5. Symphony no. 3 (Bruckner)

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    Debussy should have been born later; he would ve'been born to be a jazz legend.

    Well yea, though there are many rules, and many of them are strict in defining the type of composition ( from sonate to bagatella or whatever else. . . ). That's why the classical era extended to as much as people unlike Debussy or Ravel started appearing
    They went more experimental and laid foundations for usage of some previously unseen concepts like the sevenths, diminished chords used to create dissonanceand not just momentum clashes; and completely freeing the usage of modes to sound as opposed to ethics as one possible can.

    I personally like anything that follows after classical music. To me classical music is like a learning phase to what we have now, and I expect that 100 years from now people will be considering this moment a learning phase to what they will have then. Will notes dance out of the paper,, my bet: the 4d LCD super-thin hybrid computer-toaster monitor screen?

    Whatever the case, Chopin is in my opinion the overseer to the last classical era. Like Mozart was at his time and Beethoven during his. Personally whatever follows Chopin to me is contemporary-classical. Too bad not much is borrowed nowadays from Medieval music, (not accounting for Celtic music) but generally music borrows from tradition which is pretty cool.
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    Mussorgsky. Please, someone must like this guy. "Pictures at Exhibition" is a great composition of him.
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    Classical suits every mood, from the calming effects of Pachelbel's Canon in D to the shake you out of bed Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie or Beethoven's Ninth.

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    I love Classical music including Operas my favorite composer is Anton Bruckner and my favorite conductor is Gunter Wand

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    I like a good amount. I've played violin for about 12+ years, so I've been exposed to a good amount of classical music. In particular, I love Vivaldi, Bach, and Mozart.

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    Does anyone else like the British composers, like Vaughan Williams, Bax, Rubbra, &c?

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    I enjoy the old masters but always searching for a good modern score from movies/tv shows.

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    The classic ones, Chopin, Bachs, Fauré, Satie and Philipp Glass, Max Richter, Arvo Prat.


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