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Thread: notice spam / advertisements / things mods & admins need to deal with

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    Yeah! How dare they! *shakes fists*

    But yeah. It's sad but it's laid out bright as day and black and white that no one should DM for anything, whether one requests or say "thank you". All is done on the thread itself. People (and I'm sure DAK in particular, along with others that helped him in the process for the other edits), worked blood, sweat and tears trying to make the film edits of soundtracks sound as close to the film versions as possible.

    Why film edits of scores? Because I feel that it sounds good and it's the way we've grown accustomed to listening in the theatre, rather than the OST edits or the intent of the composer before the director butted in and say "the music should sound like this, etc." (James Horner's "Titanic" is an example of this, as is Goldsmith's "Mulan". Even at the age of 10, I was disappointed that "Mulan's Decision" wasn't the bad-ass synth version that was heard on the film and a lot of the chunk of the score is missing.)

    Take "Star Wars", for example. Many people around the world loves the theatrical cut of the film, rather than Lucas' "Special Edition", because it's the film everyone grew up with and it's the version that shows a struggling filmmaker and a good crew (his ex-wife, expecially), cobbled up and released around the world and we prefer it that way and it's the version that won all those Academy Awards. While the expanded additions are nice, the film restoration/clean-up in '97 was good, I'd rather have my film the way I remember watching on TV in the '90s. Same can be said for Film Edits of scores, but to each their own.

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    Any Led-Zeppelin fans on here? I made custom film versions of all their songs that appear in my favorite movie, Almost Famous. If you're interested, you know what to do

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