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Thread: problems with gh? report them here

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    Onion Kid
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    Feb 2007
    I'm saving mp3's [URL="[URL=""]
    All my music's filesizes are no higher than 6.2 MB

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    Onion Kid
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    Feb 2007
    I hope this is the right place to post my problem....

    I have recently gotten the unlimited downloads ability fo Galbadia Hotel. Whenever is go to download songs, at the top of the list it says:

    You have mass-downloading privileges. Want to download this whole soundtrack at once? View this page with direct links.

    When I click on direct links, it takes me to a page with only some of the songs, and in a jumbled up order. I do not see a way to download complete albums; am I doing something wrong? Any information would be very helpful, thanks!

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    Onion Kid
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    Feb 2007

    Problem with mass downloading on GH

    So I just got the unlimited mass downloading capabilities, but everytime I try to mass download, it still does it one song at a time. I am using flashget as my downloading manger. Any suggestions would help a lot! Thanks!

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    right click on one song, flashget -> download all

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    Onion Kid
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    The Legend of Legaia soundtrack only has 28 songs listed. There are actually 40 tracks, so the rest are missing! The track names and times can be found here:

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Please post the rest of the songs!

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    Just wanted to follow up my issue:

    Problem: bgm cut short.
    File List: [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
    File Page: [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
    Filesize: 3.261 MB
    Track Length: 1:38

    The track I've downloaded IS 1:38 minutes long. Problem is, the 1:38 minutes uploaded in ffshrine isn't correct (or so I think). Try listening to the end of the track. Really cut off.

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    shrinechat 4 lyfe LoliSauce's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoliSauce View Post
    The [Hidden link. Register to see links.] has two tracks that are borked.

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]


    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    An interesting thing I noticed though, is that both of them are the only two songs to misspell lea monde as l?a monde, which may or may not correlate to the broken files.
    To further define my problem (since I didn't see the question towards my post earlier, and it has yet to be fixed) the link to the songs go to a blank page stating "Problem with file. Services contacted and it will be resolved soon". I believe it is because they are supposed to have an accent (problem stated earlier with accents changing to question marks) and screwing up the link.

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    Onion Kid
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    Feb 2007
    HELP ME!!!! *see post on page 9, first one*

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    Onion Kid
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    Feb 2007
    Will somebody help? My piece of shit music still won't play!!! Tell me what I should do instead of keeping me here in the dark!!!

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    Onion Kid
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    Feb 2007
    Wait a second, now I know what the problem is. I click on the properties of the "corrupted" files, then media usage rights, and it says "The file is missing media usage rights" or "This file is not protected". What should I do? *see last line in above post*

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    The Overlord of Small Mammalian Creatures Ophius's Avatar
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    Dec 2005

    Komm Susser Tod

    The Komm Susser Tod file from the Evangelion Decade CD doesn't work.
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
    Solipsists Unite!

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    Onion Kid King Kamikaze's Avatar
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    I hope this is the place to report something like this...
    All of the songs listed would not play in Winamp, WMP, or iTunes.
    I figured that the files might be corrupted, and not work with any media programs. And that's why I'm listing them here.

    It's a huge bummer when I finally get a day of mass downloads, and a bunch of songs don't work. : (

    The files that didn't work are:

    Rockman 1-6 Family Computer Soundtrack
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    1-03 Cutman Stage
    1-08 Elecman Stage
    1-10 Stage Clear
    1-16 Ending
    1-21 Password
    1-24 Metalman Stage
    1-25 Airman Stage
    1-32 Stage Clear
    1-33 Get a Weapon
    1-36 Dr. Wily Stage 1
    1-37 Dr. Wily Stage 2
    1-39 Boss
    1-41 All Stage Clear
    1-45 SE
    2-02 Title
    2-05 Game Start
    2-06 Needleman Stage
    2-09 Hardman Stage
    2-14 Boss
    2-16 Get a Weapon
    2-17 Dr Wily Stage 1
    2-18 Dr. Wily Stage 2
    2-26 Opening
    2-41 STage Clear
    2-44 Dr. Cossack Stage 1
    2-47 Dr. WIly Stage 1
    2-48 Dr. Wily Stage 2
    2-51 Ending
    2-52 Staff Roll
    3-01 Opening
    3-05 Game Start
    3-06 Gravityman Stage
    3-07 Waveman Stage
    3-14 Boss
    3-16 Get a Weapon
    3-18 Darkman Stage
    3-19 Dr. Wily Stage Map
    3-23 Escape
    3-26 SE
    3-30 Stage Select
    3-31 Game Start
    3-36 Plantman Stage
    3-37 Tomahawkman Stage
    3-42 Get a Weapon
    3-46 Dr. Wily Stage
    3-47 Last Boss

    Rockman X1~6 Collection
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    1-02 Title
    1-07 Zero
    1-09 Stage Select
    1-11 Launcher Octopuld Stage
    1-13 Burnin' Noumander Stage
    1-17 Storm Egleed Stage
    1-20 Boss
    1-22 Get a Weapon
    1-26 Sigma Stage 3
    1-27 Sigma Stage 4
    1-31 Dr. Right
    1-34 Staff Roll
    1-37 Opening
    1-39 Password
    1-42 Another Boss
    1-45 Stage Start
    1-46 Wire Hetimarl Stage
    1-50 Sonic Ostreague Stage
    1-51 Bubbly Cralos Stage
    1-57 Stage Select 2
    1-58 Counter Hunter Stage
    1-60 Zero
    2-01 Opening
    2-06 Stage Select
    2-11 Acid Seaforce Stage
    2-15 Shining Tigerd Stage
    2-17 Boss 1
    2-20 Stage Select 2
    2-21 Doppler Stage 1
    2-22 Doppler Stage 2
    2-28 Ending
    2-30 Opening
    2-37 Explose Horneck Demo
    2-38 Explose Horneck Stage
    2-43 Acid Seaforce Demo
    2-44 Acid Seaforce Stage
    2-51 Shining Tigerd Demo
    2-53 Vava Stage
    2-54 Boss 1
    2-57 Demo
    2-61 Doppler Stage Boss
    2-62 Sigma 1st
    2-67 Ending 1
    2-68 Ending 2
    2-69 Cast Roll
    3-03 Stage Select
    3-04 Opening Stage X
    3-05 Opening Stage Zero
    3-09 Cyber Kujacker Stage
    3-14 Slash Beastleo Stage
    3-16 Frost Kibatodos Stage
    3-19 Stage Clear Zero
    3-23 Colonel&General
    3-24 Final Weapon Stage 2
    3-25 Double
    3-26 Iris
    3-27 Sigma 1st
    3-33 Independence
    3-34 Betrayal of Double
    3-35 Ending X
    3-39 Past of Zero
    3-40 Ending Zero
    4-01 Opening Theme
    4-11 Tidal Makkoeen Stage
    4-12 Dynamo
    4-13 Stage Clear X
    4-17 Burn DInorex Stage
    4-20 Mission Report
    4-22 Shadow Devil
    4-24 Zero Stage 2
    4-25 X vs Zero
    4-31 Unused Track Stage Select
    4-33 Unused Track Dr. Right
    4-35 Unused Track Armagedon
    5-01 Opening Stage
    5-03 Stage Select
    5-04 Stage Start
    5-08 Blizzard Wolfgang Stage
    5-13 Boss
    5-15 Mission Report
    5-17 Hi-Max
    5-20 Sigma 1st
    5-21 Sigma 2nd
    5-24 Zero
    5-28 Megaman x4 Opening
    5-30 Megaman X5 Opening Theme

    EDIT: [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
    So far, all the Mega Man ones on here work fine!
    Perhaps they should be uploaded to Galbadia?
    Or maybe they already are, and I just downloaded a bum one instead.
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

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    Sonic Adventure 2:

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    The song "222_34?n,_12?e.mp3" seems to have had a broken link for the past few weeks.

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    Shriner adriansuhr's Avatar
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    Rurouni Kenshin - Best Collection
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
    The song can´t be download

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    Grand Shriner ghoulies's Avatar
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    I got a problem with GH, Wednesday.
    All the Mp3s weren't works, a white page with "Error 404 not found ..." was appears.
    But today, it's right.
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

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    Onion Kid
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    How do I download ALL the songs in an album at once? Note that I have recently gained mass downloading prileges. So where do I click to download the WHOLE album?

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    I posted this in the wrong area. I finally found out where to put this request.
    I had a problem downloading "Oh My Goddess" number 104 and 105. When I tried to unzip, I got the message "unexpected end of archive" or "file corrupted" on both of these files.

    ps, I noticed that file #141 is missing too, only it's called "Ah, my Goddess".

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    2 of the songs are messed up in the
    Rurouni Kenshin Complete CD-BOX Disc 11 Original Soundtrack OVA I

    They are:

    which is all skippy, and...

    which doesn't even play at all.

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    I have recently acquired unlimited mass download privileges (it costed me a lot...) I downloaded a bunch of albums yesterday, including Okami which is pretty big.
    Today I can't login. What's going on? is it because I use different computers to log in?

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    Onion Kid
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    Sep 2006
    brain age and big brain academy are both not working and haven't for some time

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    Jun 2006
    Can anyone help me out on this..
    Super mario 64 soundtrack.. there's no link for downloads. Will it be up soon again or not? Thanks in advance.
    Or moreso, can I download the album elsewhere?

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    Sarah, could you change the name of the track 19, "die weißen Heizen" of Mr. Driller: Drill Land rip? [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    The problem is that the "ß" appears in my PC like this "?". So is impossible to download the music.


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    Prak's Mom's Vagina!

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    I have a problem and I think someone in charge must correct these tracks on the Page:

    Galaxy Express Music Suite track 2,3,7.

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    Tokyo Godfahters Track 20,37,38.

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    When will these be corrected?



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    Shadowed Illusion Leader Yoshi's Avatar
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    Lost in my thoughts...

    Exclamation Air Original Soundtrack (Small Problem)

    Well in my newfound enjoyment of 'Kanon' and 'Air' (I blame Fred)
    I noticed that track 126 of the Air Original Soundtrack
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    There's something wrong with this track, you see when it hits 2:30 it skips right to the end (for no reason) but weird thing is that if you manually take it past 2:30 the song will keep on going like nothing happened...

    someone fix it please?


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