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Thread: General Final Fantasy Forum Charter (and Notable Threads)

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    It's elementary, my dear Jiro.
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    General Final Fantasy Forum Charter (and Notable Threads)


    Rules are like the basic rules, some specific examples to remind people

    ~Don't spam (posts like "lsihgoihweopih" are obviously spam. So are "ya i agre" posts)
    ~Don't chat in threads. That doesn't mean don't discuss things, but don't actively chat (stuff like:
    Person A: *some forum topic*
    Person B: "ya i agre"
    Person A: "cool"
    Person C: *on-topic response*
    Person B: "no dat is stupid"
    Person A: "yea u r an idiot Person C and *witty joke*"
    Person B: "hee hee u r funny Person A"
    Person A: "u evr play Psyconautz? dat is a gr8 game"
    that's BAD)
    ~Don't post too much off topic stuff. Try to stick with the thread's topic
    ~Don't make a post if there's one very clos enearby with the exact same topic (general rule of thumb is on the first page for this forum)
    ~Don't post a new rumble. The two we have now are (more) than enough. I guess if you can make an argument to me as to why we should have a new rumble then feel free to.
    ~DO have fun!
    ~DO post constructively!

    Yeah, that's about it for that.

    Oh, and

    Notable Threads You can always bump these threads if you have something to add to them.
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.] - Sarah gives us forum members media gifts.
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.] - MogKnight promises things and then ???
    [Hidden link. Register to see links.] - MogKnight posts a lot of information about Final Fantasy.

    That's it for now.

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