Okay, there's not really a whole lot to say about rules for this forum, as they are pretty much the same as the overall forum rules. In general, we'd prefer it if you don't make a thread just to go "________ sucks!!!!!!" in so many words. If you absolutely must make a thread all about how you hate something music-related, it would be swell if you could at least provide some kind of logical backing, or introduce something interesting that will generate more discussion than just flame wars.

Notable threads:

As with all "notable threads" in any forum, feel free to bring these back at any point no matter how old they are. Please don't do that with threads that aren't listed as notable—for those, start new threads instead if they're off the first page!

If you want a thread added to this list PM me or Sarah.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.] - We only need one of these. If you feel the need to say it, use this one.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.] - Share or request albums if you wish.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.] - The thread where you can namedrop to your heart's content.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.] - Talk about the band/musical project you're involved in, and link to your web site or myspace profile. Don't bother making a new thread.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.] - Post about the last CDs you bought, so that people can be awed.

[Hidden link. Register to see links.] - The thread wherein we create a chain of songposting. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES OF THIS THREAD SO YOU DON'T SUCK AND MAKE EVERYONE HATE YOU.