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Thread: coolest character in ac

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerie Valens View Post
    Tits or gtfo
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    Tifa shes so hot

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    Cloud and Sepiroth, hands down...

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    Cloud, Zack, Tifa, Aerith-- and more. c:
    I don't care what most of you say about Cloud.. he's inspirational, strong, pure & emotionless.
    He may of been way too isolated in AC, but that dosen't make him self-obssessed. And who ever said he was a hero..?
    He dosen't want to be Zack's replacement.. even if Zack gave all of it to him.. that was Zack's dream.. not Cloud's.
    And why the hell do people always think of Cloud as the horrible character & a loser..?
    Seriously, now. -____-
    Why blame Cloud..? Blame Square Enix for wearing him out so much. .___.


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    Thumbs up Don't worry.. .____.

    Quote Originally Posted by lpgirl View Post
    How can you say that!? He looks hot!! I love it!
    Don't worry.. their just mad because your not voting for Reno or some shit. -___-
    Don't listen to them. They hate Cloud for the S T U P I D E S T bullshit.
    They think he's overrated, self-obsessed, emo, girly and ALL sorts of other shit like that.
    All I can say is.. they should just blame Square Enix for bringing him up so damn much.. .__.
    Their just hating a fucking GUY on the T.V screen.
    Seriously now, I don't get why they have to be like this just because it's CLOUD.
    My lord..
    I'm sure a bunch of these people can't do Cloud's job any better.. so I don't get why everyone has to comment on what EVERYONE says..? >__>
    God, they're ALL amazing characters.!

    Cloud is Cloud. Aerith is Aerith. Rude is Rude. Tifa is Tifa. Reno is Reno. Zack is Zack. Rufus ShinRa is Rufus ShinRa. Elena is Elena. Cid is Cid. Yuffie is Yuffie. Barret is Barret. Sephiroth is Sephiroth. Vincent is Vincent. Tseng is Tseng. Denzel is Denzel. Marlene is Marlene. Hojo is Hojo.

    ALL of them are AMAZING.
    They're all mean't to have their own personality, character, and Square Enix DID their job.
    They made sure everyone of those characters did what their personality matched them to do.

    And people should really be grateful that you got a lot of these people in games.
    And Square Enix gave the Cloud fans what they wanted. More Cloud.
    But is that the reason why everybody hates him.?!
    Too girly.? Too emo.? Too overrated.? Too over-obsessed.? Too quiet.? Too isolated.? The center of the fucking screen.? The main character.? Doesn't care for ANYTHING.? Attention whore.? More..?
    Well, guess what sweetheart, He has a life to in Final Fantasy.. and I'm pretty sure if he was real, he's be like, "Get that shit out of my face."

    So, please, let's just get along now and be sense-able fucking adults, people.?! -___-

    So, if anyone is going to bitch at me because of this.. all I have to say to YOU is..
    Who pissed in your cheerios.?
    Stop being a big douche and get the tampon out of your ass and fucking smile.?!

    Haha, so yeah.
    I love all the characters. And I hate people who make threads like this because that's just asking for it.
    I love everybody in the games & movies. As far as I know, I have no clue who's my favorite.
    I was just doing some supporting for Cloud since almost EVERYBODY hates him.. -___-
    So, there's what I think.

    I have NO favorite character in the series.
    Because, simply, Square Enix has the best series all around and it's hard to hate one single character.

    There's my bitchy reply of the day.!
    Don't like it.? That's too bad, honey.

    I have way too much time on my hands today, but that's alright.
    I don't give a flying fuck. c;


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    Quote Originally Posted by execrable gumwrapper View Post
    I found Yuffie to be annoying, personally.
    I've always reguarded her as annoying, lmfao.

    ---------- Post added 03-25-2012 at 12:19 AM ---------- Previous post was 03-24-2012 at 11:59 PM ----------

    I think they all looked awesome honestly. If I had to pick just one, I'd say Tifa. Just cause I like her a lot. Lol. I think they did a badass job on Red XIII, and Cid too.


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