If you want a sig/avatar made for you, request it here. If you can, provide links to specific images you want used as it makes it easier for sig makers. Obviously, don't have anything not safe for work in your pictures. If you want to show off the sigs/avatars you've made, do that in this thread. Feel free to offer to make sigs in this thread though.

A quick reminder: The limits on signatures are that they can't be any bigger than 400x150 pixels, and the file size must be no larger than 50kb. If you have multiple sig pics, they have to be under those specifications when combined.

To post a picture in your sig, use the img tags, like this:

If somebody makes you a signature and attaches it to a post, please DON'T use the URL of the attached file to link in your sig. Save the file to your computer, and then upload it to the internet yourself. Use Photobucket to do this. It's very easy to use and reliable. Once you've uploaded the file, Photobucket will give you the web address of the image to copy right underneath it in your album.