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Thread: Spammer keeps posting fake links. She needs to be dealt with :(

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    Spammer keeps posting fake links. She needs to be dealt with :(

    All the links in this thread (Other than the Shadowbringers link) are invalid. They link to a website that ONLY lists track names and provides NO download link.

    The perpetrator's username is: aerithlove

    None of the links that she posts are valid with the exception of the one in the thread. The rest are just linking to a website that only talks about the music but provides no download links.

    I reported her post several times for this issue and it does not seem like that it is being dealt with

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    The MEGA Link has all the Downloads that Aerith listed from Vgmdb.

    Next Time before you report something make sure you know how to use Stuff.
    Since i will not be able to send out Keys in the foreseeable Future due to a Death in the Family,
    i waived that annoying Decryption Key Thing and put up the full Link(s).

    Enjoy the Music.


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