Don't mind me for asking, but on the same model as the video game and movie music download sections, has there ever been a sheet music section here? To find scans or digital editions of sheet music?
I know it's a very niche interest, but that would be great to be able to find sheet music here. I remember 15 years ago when I had a piano, there was a forum (can't remember which, though) that had a TON of sheet music, including scans of official books. That's how I found some of the pieces I used to play. Now I'll finally get a piano after 12 years not playing, and there are so many music I want to play, and so little money to buy everything lol
I wish I could find a place, much like that old forum, to find this. I was almost certain it was here, but either I was right and it was removed (for the same kind of reason we can't post Varese Sarabande music maybe ?), or it was somewhere else.

Do you think it would ever be possible to have such a section for this?