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Thread: Using Telegram for Soundtrack Sharing

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    Using Telegram for Soundtrack Sharing


    I'd like to start an archive of lossless soundtracks with telegram links per OST.
    I would make a thread in the Soundtrack downloads section to share them.
    When you click the link you'd go to the message containing the file with the flac (for example) ost.
    Is this OK? The only thing is you need a Telegram account to download the files.

    Also, glad the forum's still up.
    Sometimes I get worried it won't come back so I'd be glad to have a little cloud archive

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    Use better than that Telegram idea.

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    It's a pretty good website indeed but different from my idea.
    Inline downloading is very fast and doesn't have any download restricions (like mega or whatnot)
    I already created a thread indexing the uploads, and It's pretty easy for people to contribute :-)
    nonetheless, sittingonclouds is good, credit to them

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    To TC:
    As long as registration to Telegram is free, I see no issue with this method. Late EDIT: Just remembered to address something. Please, make sure that whatever "index/database" you're preparing doesn't contain what constitutes forbidden material around here, otherwise, I'll have to ban you, we can't have links to that content appear on the Shrine.

    To SinonX3:
    Stop spamming your goddamn website.
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    telegram eventual pulling channels and lose all.
    maybe smarter linking telegram to google doc or other paste site, then link there to file hosting. that way link or link list removed, thread staying (keeping community and not having rebuild, just repaste links new page and update community telegram)
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    I don't worry about them taking down the channel,
    there's for example a channel that straight up uploads hollywood movies.
    It has 1,8 million followers and has been up for years.
    Something small like this idea won't even get noticed if you'd compare the scale/amount of sharing.
    I personally never saw any channel taken down at all.

    apart from that; I do upload some OSTs to web-based filehosts (and YouTube) as well every now and then.
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